Twisted Season 1 Review “Docu-Trauma”

There was a distinct whiff of Pretty Little Liars in this week’s Twisted, ‘Docu-Trauma’, with creepy goings on and guys in masks getting up to no good. Danny still hasn’t won the favor of his classmates despite his impromptu house party and – shock, horror – Chris Zylka is playing an asshole again. Judging by the final five minutes, too, some well-kept secrets are going to be come out.

Lacey and Danny are getting along very well in their new relationship, but Lacey still doesn’t want anyone to know – even Jo. Her friends wouldn’t understand while the town is still on edge over Danny, she says, but my thinking is that people are always going to be a little skittish about the childhood friend of a murderer now being his girlfriend. People think he’s killed again right now but, even if he’s proven innocent of Regina’s murder, he’s still spent five years in prison for killing a family member.

The episode as a whole was less interested in who killed Regina Krane and more interested in the relationships between the show’s teenage characters. Jo’s still hung up on Danny and oblivious to Rico’s affections (confirmed in this episode), and accepts a date with Tyler in order to numb the pain and get herself out there. She still has no idea that Lacey and Danny are carrying on behind her back and, come the end of this week’s episode, no one’s going to go near Tyler with a ten-foot barge pole. There’s going to be an explosion of teenage hormones and emotions when Jo finds out the truth.

The bullying of Danny among the students has kicked up a notch, with PLL-style masks used by his tormentors as they interrupt his date with Lacey, leave hundreds of skipping ropes outside of his house and re-enact his murder in the middle of his party. It’s cruel, but a fairly realistic reaction from a group of teenage wanting to create a YouTube-ready production. What I fear with this is that things are going to get silly, and I really hope Twisted resists that urge – a murder mystery is surely dramatic enough.

But that mystery might be over with Karen’s confession – doubtful, but possible. She’s obviously turning herself in to protect Danny, which in my mind means that she one hundred per cent thinks he’s the true murderer, but everyone will probably see through it. Then again, she had motive if Vikram and Regina were indeed have an affair, as is suspected.

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