Teen Wolf Season 3 “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” Review – The Wailing Messenger of Death

Aside from a few characters on True Blood, I think we can safely say that Derek Hale has the WORST luck with women. Seriously. Last week, we saw him lose his first love due to a rejected bite. Teen Wolf fans are already aware of Derek’s failed relationship with Kate Argent, which ended up with her burning down his family home – with most of his family still inside. Although I’ve suspected that something was amiss with Jennifer “I roam the halls of Beacon Hills High all night” Blake, her romantic relationship with Derek should have been a huge sign that she was the Darach.

The revelation of Jennifer as the Darach was just one of many interesting revelations on last night’s episode of Teen Wolf. Let’s recap . . .

This week’s episode further confirmed my belief that Beacon Hills High School is in need of better security. At the start of the show, we saw the Darach making her first of another trio of murders – the philosophers. I’m going to suspend my connection to reality and not labor too much on how this evil, sacrificial monster knows such obscure details about people’s past lives – including the deputy’s past as a middle school teacher, Mr. Harris’ military past, the virgins, etc.

There’s a recital coming up at the high school and Danny, along with the school orchestra, is roaming the halls of the high school during what appears to be the wee hours of the night. If students are in the school for an authorized purpose, how about you give them a little bit of light? I must also ask again, what happened to all those security cameras the Argents placed in the school?

They might be murderous and manipulative, but if Gerard and Victoria were still running Beacon Hills High, all of these sacrificial shenanigans would not still be taking place. This leads to my next point – the high school is clearly in need of better leadership. What school remains open and conducts business as usual after a dead body is found on the premises? Don’t even get me started on the decision to proceed with the darn recital . . .

Another sign that should have raised our suspicions about crazy Blake, the fact that the Wonder Twins were at school. Surely kidnapping a teacher warrants expulsion, suspension, detention, something.

Okay, Beacon Hills rant over. For now . . .

Now it’s warning time. It was nice to see that Boyd was gone, but not forgotten. Lydia raised a very salient point that’s been bothering me for some time – how do you call yourself a pack of “Alphas” if there is a pecking order? Here, it is clear that the pecking order is Duke, Kali, Wonder Twins (in that order).

Speaking of pecking order, Aiden reminds Ethan that they are not high school students, they are pack members on Duke’s mission. That mission did not include Ethan developing feelings for Danny. I guess it’s okay for Aiden to engage in heavy petting with Lydia. Aiden warns Ethan to cut ties with Danny or he’ll see to it by cutting off Danny’s life.

Aiden . . .


How adorable was Danny in his performance clothing? So cute.

We got some interesting tidbits into the history of the Wonder Twins. Unlike Ennis and Kali, they were not the Alphas of their pack – they were the Omegas. In pack culture, Omegas are the scapegoats, i.e., the bitches of the pack. Well done, Stiles. The twins were part of a pack of ruthless killers and Duke taught them how to activate their Wonder Twin power so they could literally tear their pack and eventually, their Alpha apart. They even killed their emissary! Interestingly, Ethan revealed that all of the emissaries were killed except Duke’s, who happens to be shady lady Morrell. Hmmmmm….

I thought that Omegas were wolves without a pack based on an episode last season. Oh well.

I’m slowly, but surely warming up to Cora. She needs to explain her absence, but I appreciate her anger over Boyd’s death. I don’t know if going on a suicide mission in the Beacon Hills locker room was a smart choice, but I get it. Seriously, Cora. Nothing good happens in that locker room. Avoid it all costs. Well, you might want to hang around during one of the gratuitous topless scenes, but I digress.

While Scott and Stiles were doing their rendition of The Hardy Boys, Allison and Isaac were doing their own investigation of Chris Argent. Oh, Allison. How could someone as beautiful and hot as Chris Argent be the Darach. Come on, girl. Red herring.

PS – I need a gif of Chris blasting off guns in both hands. Hot!

While the Scooby Doo gang was out trying to stop murders and save lives, Derek Hale finally returned from parts unknown to do this . . .


Thanks to the efforts of those not milling about and playing kissy face with Darachs, Stiles realized that his dad might be in danger. At first glance, it appeared that guardians were being targeted instead of the philosophers. I love any scene with Linden Ashby and Dylan O’Brien, so the sight of Stiles failing at explaining the supernatural with a chess board was one of my favorites this season. I was crushed when Stiles told his dad that his mom would have believed him. When people are dying, hurtful phrases of that nature at the end of an argument can be a really bad omen.

As a wee bit of a tangent, can I just say that I’m officially proclaiming myself as captain of the Melissa/Sheriff ship? In a perfect, campy Teen Wolf world, the two would marry and adopt Isaac, so that he along with Scott and Stiles can create an explosion of cute, clumsy moments. Swoon.

So thanks to Miss Darach/Blake’s poorly timed recital, the crap hit the fan by the episode’s end. Miss Blake reveals herself to be the Darach and gives Lydia insight into who/what she is. Lydia is a banshee, y’all. I guess if I knew what banshees were prior to this episode, I would’ve guessed this a long time ago. The hints as to Lydia’s banshee-ness were there all along. Lydia’s ability to sense dead people and unleash bloodcurdling screams, is actually a wailing omen of death. Well done, Jeff Davis. I like this twist – so far.

Unfortunately, Ms. Blake was not there to bond over otherworldly connections and supernatural happenings. It looked like she was about send Lydia to the other side and in comes Sheriff Stilinski. Damn, that man is an excellent cop. All of those smarts earned him a knife in the chest from that evil, evil Darach. Precious cargo, lady! Although he’s already endured a great deal of pain and loss, Stiles had the misfortune of seeing his dad with a knife in his chest being kissed by that skinless creature.

When I looked at the time, I knew we weren’t going to see what would become of the Sheriff and that dark-spirited heffa.

Other thoughts . . .

– Now that Derek is single, I would suggest he spend his spare time teaching Isaac the ways of the wolf. That pup should be much better at targeting scents by now. Shame on you, Derek!

– Last week we saw a self-assured Scott warn Gerard that he’d open a can of Mountain Ash on that a$$ if more people were hurt because of him. This week, we saw Stiles having no fear in telling Aiden that he would go all Mountain Ash on him if they tried to kill him. I love the increased confidence in both characters this season and I love a good Mountain Ash reference. MOUNTAIN ASHHHHHHHHHHHH! Never . . . gets . . . old!

– Scott holding Lydia’s hand to reassure her. Awwww. I love how strong the friendships are growing this season.

– I’ve been beating up on Derek a bit, so I guess I should applaud him being at his sister’s side in the hospital. He’s not the best Alpha, but he’s a pretty good brother.

– Do I really need to raise the question regarding Peter Hale’s absence this week? Crap hits the fan and he’s nowhere to be found. Looks like he’ll finally be in the mix for next week’s showdown, so I’m really looking forward to it. As a reward for my patience, I hope that the fight will leave him naked. Please and thank you in advance.

– What do you think went through Scott’s mind when he saw Allison, Chris and Isaac arrive at the recital together?

– All of the wolves heard Lydia’s piercing scream, so why was Scott the only one who came to help her? I get that Derek was with Cora, but I thought that Aiden would have come to help.

– The cat is out of the bag – Sheriff Stilinski saw Scott in full wolf form. He must live for Stiles and so that we can get his reaction!

– I will remember many moments this season, but if I had to pick one phrase to capture the first half of season 3 it would be “Derek banged the Darach.” LOL.

I LOVED this episode and have already watched it three times. Based on the previews, it looks like Ms. Blake may be able to help Cora. To be clear, there is nothing that Ms. Blake can do, NOTHING, that would ever redeem her in my eyes after what she did to Sheriff Stilinski. Nothing. She’s dead to me and I’m only interested in watching her suffer a painful demise.

I will only tolerate her existence for a few more episodes if she can actually take down Duke. However, not even watching her rip Kali to shreds will redeem her. Ms. Blake must go!

What did you think of this week’s episode of Teen Wolf? Is it Moon Day yet??? Sound off below!