Switched at Birth Season 2 Review “As the Shadows Deepen”


Just as Bay’s love life had started to look settled on Switched at Birth, in comes Emmett to confuse her feelings all over again. Yep, this love triangle doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon, and nobody else’s dreams of happy ever after seem to be working out, either. Jace finally shows his true colors and confronts Daphne for denying her own, and Toby is put in an impossible position when he talks to the man who murdered Nikki’s father.

Upon hearing that Maui Kansas is in trouble, Bay has the bright idea to stage a fundraiser for Carlton and other deaf causes and reach out to various deaf communities in the area. The day is a huge success, so I guess TV rules dictate that now the carnival can run for the rest of the summer, but getting everyone together for a full day means that tensions start to arise. Wanting a copy of Deafenstein to screen at the event, Bay reaches out to Emmett and, inevitably, old feelings start to re-emerge. As happy as she is with Ty, I feel as if she and Emmett will always have some unfinished business.

But I really hope that Ty’s prediction that, now that he’s being redeployed to Afghanistan for an undisclosed amount of time, she’ll just fall back into her ex’s arms prove as false as Bay attests. To have the matter addressed in this episode suggest otherwise, but there are number of factors that worry me. Without Bay and their love story, the writers have really struggled to create a solo storyline for Emmett, we have no idea when Ty will return to the show, and teen dramas thrive on their love stories – how long are we going to be interested in a long-distance relationship where one of the pair isn’t on screen?

Meanwhile, Jace and Daphne’s blissful existence is shattered when Chef Jeff blasts back on the scene, complicating her already complex issues when it’s revealed that their relationship was in spite of a four-year relationship with his now-fiancé. Fighting against perceived injustice as usual, Jace doesn’t take kindly to this bit of news and, after clashing with Daphne over a man’s lost wallet, it’s also revealed that he’s informed said fiancé of her beau’s indiscretion. Sometimes doing the right thing is more like doing the wrong thing, and Daphne’s starting to realize that Jace is bad news.

Even worse off is Toby’s struggling relationship with Nikki – that wedding is looking more and more unlikely with every passing episode. After discovering the identity of her father’s killer, Toby encourages her to go see him in jail and look him in the eye. She runs out, but Toby decides to talk to him instead, quickly finding out that Nikki’s father was actually a drug dealer. He had two options – hide the truth from her and let her continue living a preferable lie, or tell her the brutal truth. He chose the latter but, given her reaction, I’m guessing he wishes he hadn’t right about now.

Oh, and how cure are Travis and Mary Beth? That’s one couple I can definitely get behind.

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