King & Maxwell Season 1 Review “Job Security”

King & Maxwell Episode 8 Job Security (2)

Ok, I’ll admit it – I’m really starting to enjoy this show. It took me seven or eight weeks, and I probably would have tuned out long ago had it not been for my reviewing duties, but I’ve settled into the world enough now to miss King & Maxwell when they’re gone and enjoy their company when they’re on my screen. I thought last week, with all its Christian Kane magic, might have been a fluke, but episode eight – a filler episode – has proven that theory wrong.

It’s still nowhere near perfect but, with clever utilization of supporting players like Benny and Edgar along with independent storylines given to both Michelle and Sean, the show has settled into its own skin just in time for a show-stopping finale. Along with Sean’s mystery about the assassinated charge, we still need to learn more about Michelle’s past and see whether she takes up the job offer presented to her at the end of this episode. Will this cause tension between her and Sean? Will she even tell him about it?

Benny and Edgar are still the best thing about the show, now with a tight bond of their own to compete with the main guys. Benny’s little monologue about her brother was genuinely touching and I’m interested in hearing more about it – that means that it’s only Edgar who hasn’t got a tortured past he needs to revisit. That might come later and, if it does, a second season of King & Maxwell doesn’t sound like such a bad thing. With two more weeks left, let’s see what they can cook up.

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