Hallmark Original Movie ‘The Good Witch’s Destiny’ Premiere Date Announced

Catherine Bell (Army Wives) is returning as Cassie Nightingale for The Good Witch’s Destiny, the sixth installment of the Hallmark Channel’s The Good Witch original movie series, set to air Sunday, October 26th at 9PM ET/PT. Joining Bell in the sixth movie in Hallmark’s longest running and highest rated film series will be Chris Potter (Heartland), Robin Dunne (Sanctuary), Catherine Disher (The Border), Matthew Knight (My Babysitter’s a Vampire), Hannah Endicott-Douglas (Casino Jack) and Peter MacNeill (Call Me Fritz).

This time around we rejoin Cassie just in time for her birthday, which in true Good Witch fashion will go awry. Her plan to gather family and friends at The Grey House for a celebration leads to lots of trouble in Middleton, including a possible curse that could cause Cassie to disappear. In order to restore order, Cassie will have to conjure up a little magic to make sure her birthday goes off without a hitch.

Are you excited to see The Good Witch coming back for another installment? Let us know in the comments.

Once again, The Good Witch’s Destiny will premiere Saturday, October 26th at 9PM ET/PT on The Hallmark Channel.

  • Karen

    Glad to hear another Good Witch movie is on it’s way just in time for Halloween! Love the series. Keep them coming!

  • Sabrina M Bowen

    Now if we could get the company that owns them to put them all on DVD!

  • Taylor Morris

    The best portrayals of “natural magic” since the 70’s TV show, “Nanny & The Professor”. Just love her style & charm. 🙂

  • Angie

    Please put the entire series in a box set on DVD!! I love these movies!!

  • Crystal

    I wish this were a tv series!

  • Maron Thorne

    This is a wonderful series!! Thank you so much for keeping it going!

  • sally fohrman

    Love Catherine Bell in The Good Witch – wish it was a series and on weekly. This is one show the whole family can watch and enjoy.

  • Mary Weissgerber

    Love The Good Witch series. I watch them every time they are on. Keep them coming.

  • Tammera Lawson

    Woot Woot!! I wish Hallmark would release more than just the first movie of the Good Witch on DVD! A collection set of the first five would make wonderful holiday gifts! hint hint hint 🙂

  • Deena

    Love the whole series! These are GREAT family films that show the magic of love and belief in the good in all of us! PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING!!! AND RELEASE THE 2ND-5TH DVDS!

  • Versace

    Actually I really like the series to the point I can keep watching them over and over; excited about the sixth movie, which I didn’t even hear about until I went on to the Hallmark Website and clicked on the movie series and saw something regarding the “The Good Witch’s Destiny”. …and yes, can we get Hallmark to put all of the series on DVD.

  • Terri Perkins

    Can’t wait till October! I recorded the movies, I watch them all year! please release all movies to buy! Best quality! Love Good witch! It’s magical movies!
    Keep them coming!

  • Cylb

    I am very excited to learn a new movie is coming out in The Good Witch series. I hope these movies continue as they are very nice to watch. I wish these movies would come out on dvd. I have the 1st. one.

  • Sammy

    Yes, and I truly hope there will be more. This is a wonderful series that I can watch with the younger members of the family, and know I have nothing to worry about. It’s very entertaining, teachy without being preachy, and makes me wish I could be that wise, that patient and could add a touch of mystery and magic to my own home brew. It’s a lovely fantasy that I dream could be a reality.

  • Jennifer

    I love the Good Witch movies — I can’t wait to see the latest installment. I love the chemistry between Catherine Bell and Chris Potter. Keep the series going and please put them out on DVD – make a box set I watch these movies every time they are on.

  • wvmomma

    I am so glad to know that The Good Witch movie is coming on . I love watching all of those movies. Can’t wait.

  • Debbie Moleski

    October 26th is a Saturday

  • Rosa

    Oh my goodness. I have been waiting for the since the last Good Witch. I love these movies and love re-watching them around the holidays and throughout the year.

  • Cynthia

    Looking forward to the 6th installment of The Good Witch. The people of Middleton THINK she’s a witch,but can’t quite prove it. I LOVE this movie!! Keeps my attention through out the WHOLE movie!!

  • Susan

    This would make a wonderful series,now that Katherine bell does not have Army Wives anymore.

  • Bill

    I love the Good Witch series and will be eagerly waiting for the new installment on the 26th

  • Sharon Casali Parker

    I love This series!!! I hope they make more movies

  • gardengirl13

    I LOVE this series, I have taped them all thus far. I just missed the Good Witch’s Charm and hope it is re aired again soon on W. so nice to see a nice feel good family friendly show on TV amid all the smut and violence. Keep em coming!

  • Joyce Eberly

    The Good Witch series should be made into a continuing series like Cedar Cove it would be AWESOME!!!!