‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5b: Look On Heisenberg’s Works and Despair

Breaking Bad Season 5B (30)

Prepare yourselves; you are about to watch the coolest promo ever made.

Hyperbole? Nope. AMC released a goose-bump-inducing Breaking Bad trailer featuring scenes of New Mexico’s harsh and beautiful landscape as star Bryan Cranston reads Percy Shelley’s most famous sonnet, “Ozymandias.” The images, combined with the sonnet’s powerful imagery of the rise and fall of one man is nothing short of breathtaking. The final message is clear: it’s time to prepare for the wreckage as Breaking Bad hurtles toward what is sure to be a tragic, but stunning finale.

While it’s going to be hard to stop hitting the replay button on Cranston’s stunning reading, AMC also offered up an inside look at the final episodes. Watch both promos below and prepare yourself for the “brutal sprint to the finish line.”

Breaking Bad season five resumes Sunday, August 11th at 9/8c on AMC.