True Blood Season 6 Review “In the Evening”

This week’s episode of True Blood did very little to advance this season’s storylines, but it did lead me to a few important conclusions for the remainder of this season.

To borrow from Billith Compton, the following True Blood characters are now dead to me . . .

Before exploring why I’m completely over these characters, I should say at the outset I did not come to decision easily as I have liked them all in previous seasons of True Blood. This season, however, choices made by the writers with the direction of the characters have made them completely unbearable.


I often wonder if the writers of this season of True Blood are completely new to the show and have no knowledge of previous seasons. Over the last five seasons, we’ve watched Jessica develop from a bible-thumping, virginal, naive human to an annoying, whiny baby vampire to a self-assured vamp who has proven to be a reliable, loyal member of the Compton vampire family lineage.

Unfortunately, I’ve found my patience and tolerance for Jessica steadily decreasing with each passing episode since she accidentally murdered three of Andy’s daughters. To begin, Jessica just sat in the floor like a bumbling idiot after draining the Bellefleur girls. I’m sure she was in shock, but Jessica is seasoned enough to know that her blood might have saved the girls. I have a hard time reconciling her guilt over their deaths with her failure to make any effort to save their lives. If Jessica did try to save them, I wish the writers would have captured that onscreen.

Reeling from the deaths of Andy’s daughters, Jessica turned to Jason for support. That was a sensible, understandable gesture. Of course, Jessica’s timing proved to be bad because it coincided with Sarah Newlin’s booty call. Thanks to Sarah, Jessica found herself high, guilt-ridden and on lock down at the government camp for vampires. Concerned for his friend, Jason gets a job with the government and sets out to infiltrate the system in order to free her. How does Jessica reward Jason’s risk? By asking him to send in the hot vampire who declined to have sex with her against her will for an audience. And with that, Jessica was officially dead to me . . . until she gets back to her old self or puts her life on the line to save Jason.

Sure, Jessica and Jason are just friends but I’m not buying it as an excuse. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so shocked. This is the same Jessica that seemed fully committed to Hoyt and broke his heart when she developed feelings for Jason. I guess I wasn’t as put off by her actions then because I didn’t think she and Hoyt were a good pair and come on, it was Jason. How can you not love Jason?

Sidenote: Why was Sarah able to rescind Jessica’s invitation to Jason’s house? In past seasons, the show spent a great deal of time on the issue of Eric’s ownership of Sookie’s family home. With Eric as the owner of her house, Sookie was unable to prevent him from coming by whenever he pleased. If this is some part of the government’s new-found vampire fighting abilities, it needs to be explained.

I need the True Blood writers to give us back our old Jessica or put her and viewers out of our misery.


Oh, Sam. Despite a LONG history of dumb luck and even dumber decisions with women, I’ve always been a fan of the shifter. Sam has always been a sensitive, non-judgmental sounding board and shoulder to cry on for many of the troubled residents of Bon Temps. When the series first began, he was a comfort to Sookie – particularly when she was subjected to harsh judgments because of her relationship with Bill. Sure, he had a very obvious crush on her, but I never got the impression that his friendship was not unconditional. Although both of them have had their fair share of suitors in Bon Temps, the two have never connected and he remains a good friend to her as well as an unbelievably forgiving employer. Sam was also a very good friend to pre- and post-vampire Tara. I’ve always believed the two were kindred spirits and in a perfect world would be together.

This season, Sam continues to be sensitive and compassionate but unfortunately he’s caught up in a storyline that I absolutely hate. I don’t care about the werewolves and I don’t care about Nicole. In fact, I hope before this season ends Nicole dies because I would like to be assured that I never, ever, ever, ever see her again. Caring for Emma, helping the stupid activists – classic Sam. My main problem is Sam and Nicole getting hot and heavy only days after Luna’s death. Perhaps I have selective memory, but jumping into the sack so soon after losing someone he loved seems so uncharacteristic of Sam.

Like Jessica, I hope the True Blood writers will help this character course correct. If not, his scenes will be fodder for my fast-forward button. Thank goodness for DVRs!


As I’ve stated in previous reviews, I hated Debbie Pelt and did a happy dance when Sookie killed her. Seven episodes into this season and memories of Debbie Pelt now feel like the good ol’ days. Although I appreciate the True Blood writers wanting to give Alcide storylines firmly planted in “wolf culture” and independent of the vampire drama, his arc this season is not working for me. He’s a crappy pack master and I’ve officially grown tired of watching that reinforced week after week. Not even the beautiful specimen that is Joe Magnianello will save Alcide from being the victim of a little thumb and fast-forward action. As far as I’m concerned, the pack can kill him, do their ritualistic dead wolf feast and move on to another city on another show that I don’t watch.

Other thoughts on the episode . . .

– Eric & Nora: Poor Eric. It was sad to watch Eric lose another member of his family, but I won’t miss Nora. Was anyone else at home screaming at the television for Eric to fill Billith in on the plan to eradicate vampires with tainted True Blood? I’m sure it will happen, but with the first batches already made I really wanted Eric to take a second and share that tidbit of information. Hopefully the loss of Nora will remind Eric of how important family is and we will see less dysfunction with his surviving family – Pam and Tara. I don’t see any strains in his relationship with Willa yet and I think she’ll slowly but surely win over Pam.

– Jason & Sarah: Jason is getting eerily close to my “you’re dead to me” list. Fortunately for him, his pull-up scene this season has made him indispensable – for the moment. Jason’s hot body and huge heart, however, have not made me overlook the fact that once again Jason is in a perilous situation because of a damn girl! I’ve grown absolutely exhausted of watching six seasons of Jason putting his heart and his life on the line for what is typically an undeserving suitor. Surely, there has to be more to this character. Right?

I would completely forgive this unwelcome walk down memory lane with the Fellowship of the Sun if Jason gets to be the one to kill Sarah Newlin. No satisfactory ending to this season will involve her still being alive. As an aside, I hate what her return has done to storylines with Steve Newlin. He was such an interesting character last season.

– The Bellefleurs: I like Holly and Lafayette, so I’m all for the continued presence of the remaining Bellefleurs on True Blood. I also appreciated the entertainment provided by a drunken Arlene. The collective reaction to Billith casually strolling into the Bellefleur home during the day was pretty funny and much more entertaining than any of the shifter-related nonsense.

– Billith’s vision: The vision of Pam, Tara, Eric and Jessica soaking up some unwanted sun at the vamp camp is getting closer and closer to happening. It will be interesting to see if and how Billith and Benarlow (trying something new this week) can work together. I’m not sure that Benarlow really cares about the fate of the vampires, but he does care about Sookie and she considers several of those in danger friends. Last season, viewers were given the impression that Warlow (pre-introduction to Ben) was the bad guy. This season started off with the suggestion that Billith was the big baddie. Finding out if the real fear is the government – not Benarlow or Billith – is one of the few things that I’m actually looking forward to in the final three episodes of the season. I also don’t see how this season ends without a Billith/Benarlow showdown, so I’m looking forward to that as well.

– Random thought/question: Now that Sookie is back in the “real world” do you think she’ll finally notice Niall’s absence? Do you think she’ll notice that Jason is gone? Sookie of past seasons wouldn’t notice and wouldn’t be aware until someone else saved her family. This season’s Sookie has been pretty astute and is a much better friend/family member. I hope that trend will continue and that Sookie will make Jason a priority after she gets Billith and Benarlow to play nice in the sandbox.

– Before this season ends, do you think we’ll get any clarification on how fae age? Andy’s daughter seems to be at an aging standstill.

What did you think of this week’s episode of True Blood? Sound off below!