Crossing Lines Season 1 Review “The Animals”

Crossing Lines Episode 7 The Animals (5)

There are several words that could be used to describe “The Animals,” this week’s episode of Crossing Lines, such as “cliché,” or “nothing new.” After all, every procedural that’s ever aired has likely offered a take on the bank robbery episode. However, it’s a popular plot for a reason, and thanks to a strong villain and some solid story beats, this ended up as a well-executed take on the plot.

The absolute star of this episode was Wolf, the leader of the gang of “animals” that held up the bank Carl conveniently happened to be visiting. Of course, episodes like this always come down to the leader, so it was good to have a villain like Wolf running the show. The fact that he actually blew up a hostage was a great way to elevate the threat level, making it clear nobody was safe. This led to a great scene later in the episode where Wolf threatened to kill the unknown cop among the crowd, only to instead choose Anika, the girl who ratted on Carl, because he hates snitches. Wolf was a manic and unpredictable threat, which made for a tense episode.

While the robbery plot was strong, there were some noticeable flaws. For one, the rest of Wolf’s crew was nowhere near as interesting, made up mostly of archetypes. There was the femme fatale, the inside man and the patsy, all present just to hit the necessary story beats. Also, aside from the convenience of Carl being in the bank, there was the fact that Colin, Tommy’s brother (?), was a part of the gang. This part of the episode really pushed credibility, and seemed like and unnecessary way to further complicate Tommy’s life.

Meanwhile, he overarching plot involving Dorn, Louis and his wife Rebecca continues to… take up screen time. Though the episode opened with the promise of some new developments, the story remained at a crawl this week. It also didn’t help that the characterization of Rebecca felt off here. In the past, she’s been distant and cold towards Louis, which made it strange that she was so happy to go out with him before the robbery. At this point, it’s hard to imagine anything exciting or satisfying coming out of this arc, so it does the show more harm than good to keep bringing attention to it. The best hope we can have at this point is for the two-part finale to really build the arc up and, ultimately, put it to rest.

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