Copper Season 2 Review “To One Shortly To Die”

Copper Season 2 Episode 6 To One Shortly To Die (4)

Copper continues its slow upward trend this week by mixing up the dark subject matter of a double murder with comedic moments between the reunited Corcoran and Maguire. The two have been paired together again, much to Corcoran’s chagrin. Maguire seems to relish the opportunity to get under Corcoran’s skin and readily returns to the partnership. Their first assignment involves a dead Alderman found in an unenviable position in one of the unsavory tenements in Five Points.

I am sure the actor who played deceased Alderman Bartlett is overjoyed that his face was not shown. As Corcoran and Maguire investigate the scene, Bartlett’s ass is out in the open for all to see. I hope for that ignominious distinction the actor at least gained the British equivalent of a SAG card. The best part of the awkward scene was the black cat perched on top of the body. Big bad Maguire was afraid of the putty tat.

When last we saw Elizabeth Morehouse, she was trying to redeem herself by bringing Sara’s mother to New York. She succeeded in her mission by purchasing her. Matthew tells Elizabeth that they’re forever in her debt, which got me thinking that Elizabeth is hardly the person who will forget that. Her contrition to Robert is not particularly convincing since she gives zero consideration to how he will feel by abstaining from Kennedy’s trial. All she is concerned about is her own skin. Again, I want her to stop being ambiguous. I get that we should have “complex characters,” but there are plenty of those on the show. Elizabeth would be far more entertaining if she was straight up conniving.

The big theme of the episode was children. Corcoran is still concerned about the missing Annie. Sara mourns the loss of her child to her mother. Ellen discovers that Eva is pregnant. Ellen then discovers that she is pregnant. Then, Maguire reveals that he and Ellen had conceived a child together. It was kind of a ridiculous amount of baby drama. Eva tries to get a moment alone with Corcoran, presumably to tell him about her condition, but he brushes her off. It is unlikely that Eva thinks she can raise a child in the whorehouse. That would put a serious damper on her business. What then will happen to the child? Ellen doesn’t have a generous disposition, so I can’t see her taking in the child. Eva is getting bigger quickly, so we will probably get some resolution on this by the end of the season.

I was surprised by the return of Morehouse Sr. I thought it was a smart move to ship him off to prison. It thinned the herd on the secondary characters. The overabundance of these peripheral characters has the potential to go down the same path True Blood did. When there are too many side stories and too little interaction between the primary characters, it’s easy to lose interest. I’m curious to see how the handle Sara’s mother. She’s another addition that will be best served with a short run. She had an odd reaction to Matthew’s praise of Abraham Lincoln and doesn’t seem fond of New York, so I’m guessing she’s just passing through.

They need to start resolving some storylines. As discussed previously, they need to pick a direction on Annie. They also need to decide what they’re going to do with Ellen. I like the fact that Maguire and Corcoran are paired up as their interactions are entertaining, but I would like something more between Corcoran and Morehouse. Corcoran is turning into Clark Kent. In almost every Smallville episode, Clark burst in on Lex Luthor (who was invariably holding a glass of scotch) and demand assistance. Lex would act mildly put out, but then give Clark what he wanted. The same exact thing is happening with Corcoran and Morehouse. Morehouse should have put the smack down on Corcoran when he crashed his inauguration party.

I like the direction the show is heading in, generally. But, it’s in danger of straying into side character chaos. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen.

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