Continuum Season 2 Review “Second Last”

Good god – that was rather dramatic, wasn’t it? It seems that Continuum are determined to dish out a finale-worthy episode every week until the end, and ‘Second Last’ was the best yet. For one, all of the players were present and active, and bonds were broken between those we thought would be on the same side all the way through. Now, Kiera’s looking a bit like the villain of the piece, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she found herself fighting alone for the time being.

Kellogg’s still flitting around from group to group trying to get rid of Esher, and he uses what he found out about Emily to his full advantage. The poor girl’s stuck in between a rock and a hard place – her brief dream of being allowed to build a real life with Alec dashed by Kellogg’s equally harsh threats to tell him about her lies. Her plan C is to head for the hills and, when Alec announces that he wants to go with her, she’s delighted. That is until Travis breaks into the lab and, spurred on by Kellogg and his keys, has his CMR switched on and steals a suit for himself.

Throwing another character into the mix, Alec’s DNA test results on Jason come in announcing that he is, indeed, his biological father. He and Emily head to his loft for answers (but get none), but they’re quickly attacked by freelancers looking for the time travel device. An epic shootout ensues – proving once again that this show does action better than 90 per cent of television – and you just know that one of the good guys isn’t going to make it out alive. That good guy turns out to be Emily, who gets an emotional farewell with Alec before she croaks on the rooftop.

Now, I was actually quite pleasantly surprised about this, since you might know I’ve feared for Carlos’ life ever since he found out Keira’s secret, and at least now Alec can get on with his own story. It also gives him a legitimate reason to break his ties with Kiera, whose actions effectively led to Emily’s death by leaving her alone and unarmed. Alec was going to selfishly destroy the device because it was making him life a little bit harder, but Kiera chased after it on the roof because it could effectively restore her life – I’m on Kiera’s side, but it’s just too bad that her actions had more dire consequences.

After at least a month of pondering what might have happened to Gardiner, his body has finally been discovered in the boot of a car. Carlos, knowing that the files he had on him could have spelled trouble for Kiera, decided to squash the evidence and buy time to cover up her involvement. The clues all point to Kiera having killed Gardiner, and now Carlos is on the hook for attempting to help her, so maybe we won’t be seeing the crime-fighting duo reassemble next season? The change would freshen things up, at least.

We’ve got the real season finale next week, so whose side if everyone on? And will everyone survive?

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