NBC Unleashes the Knope in Killer ‘Parks and Recreation’ Horror Movie Remix

Parks and Recreation season 5 episode 22 Are You Better Off? (3)

“Just when you thought it was safe to go play in the park.”

And here we were thinking Parks and Recreation was a feel-good comedy when in actuality it was just another drama about a tyrannical antihero. Or at least it can look that way when the NBC promo department gets a little creative.

NBC lets Leslie (Amy Poehler) loose in a new video entitled “Attack of the Knope,” which reimagines the world of Pawnee if television’s most positive and enthusiastic character was actually an insane killer. Slicing together some of Leslie’s more dramatic one-liners (like her threat to wave poor Ben’s decapitated head on a stick in front of his weeping mother) to create a very different and alarming picture of Ms. Knope. Check out the video below. Is it an amusing Pawnee alternate universe or is someone over at NBC actually from Eagleton and in the process of launching a Knope smeer campaign? You decide.

Parks and Recreation returns Thursday, September 26th with a one-hour season six premiere on NBC.