Graceland Season 1 “Goodbye High” Review

Graceland Episode 7 Goodbye High (2)

After the bombshell revelation at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting last week, I didn’t think that Graceland could change the game any further or shock viewers any more than the show already had. Wrong. So very, very wrong.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Graceland and Briggs wouldn’t be the target of an internal investigation if he wasn’t the type of person/character who would have a complicated reason for his addiction. Briggs’ addiction was the result of being captured by the Kaza cartel and then subjected to an entire week of heroin injections.

Despite getting some explanation regarding his addiction, many more questions remain. To begin, how exactly was Briggs discovered by his captor/abuser? Clearly there is more to be revealed regarding Briggs’ time in Mexico in future Graceland episodes. I suspect that the revelation will be unexpected and have major ramifications for many of the Graceland residents. One thing is clear, Briggs is the master of riding the line between good and bad, which makes him an interesting, entertaining character. He also has a penchant for calling audibles.

The episode wasn’t all about Briggs-related revelations, we also learned a little more about DJ this week – including the fact that he has a son. Certainly that can’t make his chosen profession easy.

As we wait to watch the mystery of Briggs as hero or villain unfold, it’s probably also time to start questioning the individuals who decided that the internal investigation was necessary. Are they really trying to get rid of a dirty agent for the greater good of the agency or are there less altruistic motivations at play?

It wouldn’t be Graceland if there wasn’t yet another bombshell dropped before the episode’s end. Last week was the NA meeting revelation, this week it was Bello’s new drug supplier – Briggs. Briggs? Wait, whaaa? Bello set up a meeting with a new supplier named Odin. It appeared that Odin was a no-show until Briggs disabled communication with the team and revealed himself as Odin to Bello. He even had a sample to boot! It looks like Briggs has been taking drugs from past busts and selling them. Of course, in Graceland, looks can be – and usually are – deceiving.

Where do you land on Briggs? This week’s episode? Sound off below!