Lost Girl Season 4 Interviews: Ksenia Solo, Kris Holden-Redi & Zoie Palmer [Comic-Con 2013]

lost girl comic-con 2013 interviews

At last week’s Comic-Con 2013, fans of Lost Girl got the chance to see a panel and Q&A with the stars of the hit Syfy (Showcase in Canada) series. Before taking the stage, cast members Ksenia Solo (Kenzi), Kris Holden-Redi (Dyson) and Zoie Palmer (Lauren) along with showrunner Emily Andras and producer Vanessa Piazza spoke to the press about the show’s fourth season.

Check out the videos below and learn who called the show “unabashedly sexy,” what will happen with the fae in season 4, more about Kenzi’s journey in the new season, how Dyson’s backstory will be explored and more.

Season 4 of Lost Girl will premiere on November 10th in Canada and in 2014 in the US.