‘Black Sails’ Unfurls Two Grim New Teasers

Starz has released two more teasers for their upcoming Michael Bay produced pirate series Black Sails, and each one indulges in the key art’s grim skull and crossbones motif. The first features Toby Stephens’ Captain Flint set against a dark and shadowy background, with the second using the same imagery for the rest of the cast. The tagline that ties them together? “Dead or Alive.”

It’s an effective campaign for a series about pirates struggling to maintain their last stronghold in a changing world. Black Sails is set 20 years after Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel Treasure Island, and will focus on Flint and his crew as they struggle to protect the pirate haven of New Providence Island. Check out both teasers below and watch TV Equals Comic-Con interviews with the series’ stars here.

Black Sails is set to premiere January 2014 on Starz.