Twisted Season 1 Review “We Need to Talk About Danny”

Twisted Episode 7 We Need to talk About Danny (5)

And the plot thickens! Just when Twisted seems to finally be getting around to answers-time, a little post-episode pondering just makes the mystery that much deeper. We have the (admittedly, vague) reason why Danny killed his aunt but a heavy hint that it has something to do with Jo thrown in there to confuse things. How is Jo involved, and how exactly would Tara have ruined the Desai family enough to warrant murder from an eleven year old?

‘We Need to Talk About Danny’ struck a great balance between love stuff and mystery solving, and the pacing of the show right now is far better than in series like Pretty Little Liars. None of the character or relationship stuff actively jars with the other parts of the show and, given their complicated history, the love triangle is also very appealing.

Team Jo or team Lacey? I’m team Jo for right now, but I can definitely see the other side of things. And once they’d moved away from the grave of Danny’s first victim, he and Lacey have even managed to carve out a secret relationship.

I’m not sure how Jo is going to react to the news that she’s become a third wheel, but maybe newly arrived Chris Zylka (who, like Grey Damon, is far too old to still be playing high school students) can make her feel better. A new love interest for Jo is definitely welcome if just for now – it gives Danny and Lacey a chance to properly explore their connection without a guilt trip from their third musketeer.

Then again, if Danny gets arrested for murder, then no one’s going to be too concerned with their love lives. With the necklace found and Karen already having been implicated, it can’t be too long before time runs out for them both.

Sarita is still perched at the top of my suspects list – this week because of her aggressive reluctance to talk about Regina – but there’s also Vikram, Archie and Rico to consider. That’s if Danny isn’t guilty of course. Archie seems more into petty rivalry than murder, but it’s still a possibility, but I wouldn’t be surprised is rumors of Vikram’s death had been slightly exaggerated.

Whenever there isn’t a body, it probably means that the person isn’t really dead. If Regina knew why Danny killed Aunt Tara, then she also knew about the problems between her and Danny’s dad – maybe it was enough to get her killed.

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