TV Dramas: Home of the Burned Out, Rejected and Disgraced

Longmire, Elementary, Person of Interest, Burn Notice, King and Maxwell, Royal Pains, The Finder, NCIS, Body of Proof

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but it seems to me that there is a trend in current and recent TV dramas to be the home of main characters with a troubled past. It does make sense after all – that makes good drama. But, it is the prevalence of these particular types recently that has caught my attention.

Since these things do seem to tend to run in cycles, I suppose this is just another phase in programming. But I do have to wonder just how many different ways can they disgrace, fire, or burn these folks out? And, it makes me start to wonder what the rate of these events is in real life.

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell – King and Maxwell

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell - King and Maxwell

The two headline characters of this new show are both ex-Secret Service agents. Sean King was forced out when the presidential candidate he was protecting was assassinated. His partner Michelle Maxwell was fired after the person she was protecting was kidnapped.

Now, I am certainly no expert on these things but this does not inspire my confidence in their abilities. Of course, there does seem to be more to Sean’s situation which we are slowly learning as he unravels a possible conspiracy with the help of Edgar. I wonder if Michelle’s story will get similar treatment once Sean’s is resolved?

Michael Weston – Burn Notice

Michael Weston - Burn Notice

The main character of this show and the object of the titular action is Michael Weston, ex-CIA agent. Michael was very good at his job. In fact too good; a dubious honor that led to his burn notice and changed the path of his life permanently.

Michael was an innocent victim of wrong doing, and after he was burned devoted his time to helping people, for pay, using the skills he learned as a CIA operative. As the seasons have progressed, his life has become more and more complicated, with him stepping over the line more than once in the course of protecting those he loves.

Kate Todd – NCIS

Kate Todd and Gibbs - NCIS

In the first episode of this series, so very long ago, Kate Todd was serving as a Secret Service Agent aboard Air Force One. When it was revealed that she was involved in a relationship with a co-worker, which was against the rules, she resigned in anticipation of being fired. Gibbs recognized her talent and offered her a position on his team, but first reminded her that she had better not break the rules again.

She seemed to take that admonition to heart, as she was probably the least likely to even bend the rules on a show where the line between right and wrong get blurred on a regular basis.

Hank Lawson – Royal Pains

Hank Lawson - Royal Pains

Dr. Hank Lawson was fired from his job as a successful ER doctor in New York City because he triaged a dying teenager before a wealthy hospital benefactor. Money talks, so the hospital administrator dismissed him quite readily.

That was the hospital’s loss and The Hampton’s gain though, as he managed, with the help of his younger brother Evan, to set up a concierge practice for the wealthy residents there.

Victoria Moretti – Longmire

Vic Moretti - Longmire

Vic Moretti, a deputy sheriff under Longmire, moved from Philadelphia to Wyoming. The reason given at first is that she moved with her husband when he changed jobs. But, there is more going on with her, and we are just starting to find out that she left Philadelphia for more than one reason.

I am looking forward to more information about just what happened back in Philly, especially after in a recent episode she told her husband with a scared voice, “They found me.” It seems that whatever happened, it was not good, and she fled.

Megan Hunt – Body of Proof

Megan Hunt - Body of Proof

On this recently canceled program, Dr. Megan Hunt had been a highly skilled neurosurgeon. But, due to an injury from an automobile accident she accidentally killed a patient on the operating table. Because of this she resigned and became a medical examiner, no longer having to worry about killing the people she works on.

John Reese – Person of Interest

John Reese - Person of Interest

Main character John Reese is a former Green Beret and CIA field officer. As the show begins, he is living on the streets of New York City. We learn it is due to the death of the woman he loved, as well as the fact he is hiding out from his former employers, who had ordered his death.

Spies in particular seem to have a very hard time and many end up burned out or tossed out if we are to believe TV shows.

Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson – Elementary

Watson and Holmes - Elementary

In this reimagining of the Sherlock Holmes character, he is a former Scotland Yard consultant who ended up in New York City for drug rehab. After being released from rehab, he decided to stay in New York. He now consults for the New York City Police Department.

His partner Joan was a surgeon, but quit medicine after she killed a patient by accident. She then became a sober companion and was contracted by Sherlock’s father, thus bringing the characters together.

Walter Sherman – The Finder

Walter Sherman - The Finder

This short lived show featured former Army Major Walter Sherman. While serving in Iraq, Walter suffered brain damage. This damage has resulted in his being paranoid and quirky, but at the same time has made him excel at being able to find anything and seeing patterns where others wouldn’t.


Can you think of shows I might have missed? I would love for you to add to my list in the comment section below! Also feel free to add any other comments you might have – I love hearing from you all!