Syfy Releases ‘Haven,’ ‘Being Human’ and ‘Defiance’ Comic-Con Reels

Syfy has released the Comic-Con reels for three of their most popular series: Haven, Being Human and Defiance. While it’s a bit too early for the Defiance reel to offer up much in the way of new information since season two won’t premiere until April 2014, it does offer a compelling recap of season one. Likewise, the Being Human reel focuses on what’s already happened, rather than what’s ahead for Josh, Sally and Aiden in season four (also premiering in 2014), but Haven fans were treated to an enticing season four trailer (Haven returns Friday, September 13th).

The trailer reveals that even though Audrey disappeared into the barn, the Troubles didn’t cooperate and leave town. Meanwhile, Audrey has reappeared with a new identity as a waitress named Lexie DeWitt. Check out all three reels below and let us know which Syfy series’ return you’re most looking forward to.