‘Supernatural’ Spin-Off in the Works at The CW

Supernatural Season 8 Episode 22 Clip Show (5)

Now heading into a ninth season of saving people and hunting things, Supernatural is primed for a spin-off.

The news was revealed at Comic-Con and later confirmed by TV Line. The spin-off isn’t likely to be centered around any preexisting character (which seems about right given how nearly every Supernatural supporting character is among the dearly departed), but rather it could be built around a character introduced in season nine’s 20th episode. Just like with last year’s The Originals‘ test run episode that aired late in The Vampire Diaries‘ season, the rumored plan is that the 20th episode will serve as a backdoor pilot. Details remain far and few between as the project is still in the early stages of development, but TV Line does note that the network is leaning towards a city setting, rather than imitating the roaming nature of the Winchester boys.

What do you think, Supernatural fans? Are you bummed the spin-off is likely to focus on a new character or are you just excited to see the Supernatural world expanding?

Supernatural season nine premieres Tuesday, October 15th at 9/8c.