Suits Season 3 Review “I Want You to Want Me” – It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

Suits Season 3 Episode 2 I Want You to Want Me (4)

In this episode of Suits, called “I Want You to Want Me,” Louis does everything he can to get his very own d’Artagnon, Harvey continues to hate almost everyone, while Rachel and Donna have their own falling out.

Oh show, how you hurt me so. Breaking up the wonderful bromance that was Harvey and Mike would’ve been hard enough, but then throwing in the Donna and Rachel falling-out was very nearly too much for me to bear. And then to top it off, you teased me with the Mike and Louis bromance.

This episode began with Donna agreeing with Harvey’s evil plan to take down Jessica, which was a great moment. Harvey was at odds nearly everyone in the building so it was nice to be reminded that he still had Donna there by his side – his Girl Friday who would do anything for him. Then we traveled over to Louis’ story and saw him having to give up his precious associates. When he gave that farewell speech I totally got tears in my eyes and I loved that Mike gave him the “Oh Captain, my captain.”

Now I know that not all will agree with me on this, but I was pretty freaking excited by the prospect of Mike and Louis working together. Of course I will always want Mike to be with Harvey, but I thought it would be fun to see Louis take Mike under his wing. I guess we did get to see that, but I didn’t expect it to end quite so soon. That final scene with Louis holding the cake while Harvey and Mike high-fived made me want to jump for joy and bawl my eyes out in equal parts. How very evil of the show to give us the Mike and Harvey reunion we all wanted, while simultaneously breaking the hearts of all of us Louis lovers.

But I guess it’s a good thing that Mike and Harvey are back together, now that Donna and Rachel’s friendship has hit a snarl. I felt for Rachel when Donna admitted that she cared more about protecting Harvey than Rachel, but I really don’t think it was only about her job. Donna cares about Harvey more than anything – job or no job – and I wouldn’t have expected her to act any differently. I still get why Rachel is mad though and their relationship may take more than just a high-five to fix.

My favorite bits..

“Was that a good ‘Holy sh**’ or a bad ‘Holy sh**’?”

Donna asking if she would get her own office if Harvey was ready to take down Jessica.

Harvey so cold to Mike. Noooooo!

Louis giving his goodbye to his associates as Mike was packing up his office.

“I don’t know if I’m ready for a new fake dog right now.”

“Life is high school.”

Louis asking if Harvey and Mike had broken up.

Laughing right along with Harvey. How DID Louis know about the four nipple thing if his date with Sally was so bad?

Jessica telling Cameron not to take everything out on Harvey.

Louis feeding Mike cheesecake. Wow.

Mike jumping in as soon as he knew Louis wanted to win an unwinnable case. Challenge accepted!

“Fine, but I’m Johnnie Cochran.”

Okay, the whole finger thing between Donna and Rachel? That. Was. Awesome.

“It’s Jerry Maguire.”
“Jerry Mc-what?”

“I can be fast.”
“I know.”
“That was a one-time thing.”

Really, Mike? You don’t think Louis is trying to recruit you?

Hi, Harvey’s hot car! *waves like an idiot*

“I see you’re still trying to be Steve McQueen.” “Not trying. Being.”

Mike and Louis. In the mud. That is all.

“Is this about the fact that I’m in the nude?”

The little noise Mike made before he finally dropped his drawers.

The look on Mike’s face when Louis got up out of the mud.

Rewinding the part where we saw Louis’ muddy butt so I could laugh over and over and over again? Who, me? Don’t be silly.

“What’s he going to do now? Tell us about his first demolition?”
“It was riveting, but this has nothing to do with that.”

Mike going in to Harvey’s office and asking him what the hell he was doing. Yeah! You tell’em!

Donna telling Rachel she needed to walk away before they could never go back.

“I love the law and I’d never trade it for anything.”

Louis telling Mike that he was half Harvey and half Louis. Interesting.

“So you’re really apologizing because you want my advice.”
“Well, I also want sex.”
“You can have one or the other.”
“I really don’t need any advice.” – Okay, how freaking adorable was that whole scene?

“Harvey, if this whole thing is Jessica’s fault, maybe we should consider forgiving Mike.” – The look on his face was absolutely breathtaking.

Mike and Louis swapping movie quotes.

Louis running off like a happy little boy to get the cake.

Literally gasping out loud when Harvey walked up behind Mike.

“You’re not going back on your word, you’re going back where you belong.”

That final scene. Equal parts “YAY!” and “OMG poor Louis!” Pretty sneaky, show. Pretty sneaky.

What did you think of this episode of Suits? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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