Teen Wolf Season 3 “Visionary” Review – Hale Family Feels

Oh where to begin . . .

This week’s episode of Teen Wolf was nothing short of amazing. Full disclosure, I’m still piecing together all of the canon established in last night’s trip down memory lane with the Hale family. As much as I appreciated the revelation behind the colors of the wolves’ eyes, I was equally enthusiastic about Peter Hale being front and center. All too often this season, the former Big Bad Wolf has been curiously absent from Derek’s most violent confrontations with the Alpha pack.

After last night’s episode, however, it’s very likely that he’s somewhere lurking in the background.

Thanks to a little story time with Peter and Gerard, we learned more about Derek as well as the Alpha pack. Of course, as Stiles aptly noted at the end of the episode, we’d be well advised to take the tales shared by Peter and Gerard with a huge grain of salt.

I won’t rehash the entire episode, as there was a lot of information revealed. Here are the highlights:

Derek’s Blues

We delved into Derek’s history after Stiles noted his absence since Boyd’s death. Stiles was frustrated with Derek not being front and center at this time of crisis, which prompted Cora to explain the Hale family philosophy of hiding and healing after being tracked down by hunters.

I’m not sure how I feel about the story of Derek’s eye change being related to young love, however, the flashback did a good job at explaining why Derek is so guarded. It was difficult to watch young Derek hiding out for days at a time in order to escape the hunters.

Like Scott, Derek used to be “unbearably romantic” as Peter put it. Young love, however, caused a change in Derek’s personality and his eyes that used to be yellow like Scott’s. Pre-True Alpha Scott, that is.
As a young whipper snapper at Beacon Hills High, Derek fell for a girl named Paige, who in my opinion, bore a striking resemblance to Ms. Blake.

Peter spins a tale to Cora and Stiles about how he supported Derek’s whirlwind romance with Paige. Viewers at home witnessed a completely different series of events, as much of Peter’s information was the result of him following and spying on Derek.

In order to get the true story, you would have been better off just muting the television and interpreting the scenes for yourself. Derek was happily in love and for some reason, Peter began planting seeds of doubt in his nephew. Although Paige showed Derek nothing but acceptance and mutual love, Peter convinced his nephew that the only way to keep her was to turn her.

As we learned in season 1, recipients of the bite either turn or die. Peter volunteered Paige to Ennis as a replacement for the member of his pack recently lost to the hunters. Unsurprisingly, Paige did not take the bite well and began spewing out black sludge reminiscent of the season 2 kanima days. Derek did his best to take away Paige’s pain until he granted her wish to end his suffering.

By ending the life of an innocent, Derek’s eyes changed to a cold, icy blue to represent the part of himself lost in that act. Although we didn’t see much of the relationship between Derek and his mom, I loved how she comforted him as he mourned Paige. It was also a painful reminder of how much Derek has lost. He’s actually quite well-adjusted for someone who has experienced the very worst in both humans and shifters.

A Super Pack is Formed

Once again, the Argent family code comes into play. Gerard guides us through a flashback in which we see a meeting between the packs led by Kali, Duke and Ennis. Ennis is upset because the hunters just killed one of his Betas. It was pointed out, however, that the Beta was responsible for the death of a hunter.

Flashback Duke cautions Ennis against vengeance and proposes that the wolves appeal to the Argent family in an attempt to find common ground. Unfortunately for Duke, he thought that Gerard would be the best Argent to approach with this peaceful proposal. Derek’s mom Talia, who was a total bad ass, raised a very salient point about Gerard being a psychopath and probably the least likely to entertain truce talks.

Can you imagine how different things would be had they gone to Chris? Although the matriarch would have been the appropriate person to approach, I’m not sure where Victoria would have landed on this issue. We certainly know that at the end of her life, Victoria would have done exactly what Gerard did. In fact, I’m pretty sure she would have killed Duke instead of punishing him for being “short-sighted.” What we don’t know, however, is if Victoria’s bloodthirsty nature for wolves is the result from Gerard’s manipulations. As we saw in this week’s episode, there was no limit to his ruthlessness.

In sum, we have Gerard’s ambush and deviation from the Argent family code to thank for Duke and the Alpha pack. Gerard agreed to meet the wolves in a “neutral” location to discuss peace and turned the tables on them thanks to some wacky gas and something he injected in himself to make him immune to the side effects of the gas. As the hunters and wolves struggled to gain composure in the foggy mist, Gerard used what appeared to be a homemade mace to slaughter everyone around him – both wolves and hunters. What a piece of work that Gerard is.

My Thoughts . . .

– I’m so glad that Scott and Stiles sensed the bullshit in Gerard and Peter’s stories. I continue to be impressed by Scott this season. I loved the intimidation at the end of his conversation with Gerard.

– Although I appreciated the dueling flashbacks from Peter and Gerard, I wish that Scott had been there to hear Derek’s history. As altruistic and compassionate as Scott is, I find that he is not as generous with his True Alpha traits when it comes to Derek. Indeed, Derek does not make it easy with his cagey, guarded nature, which is why I think Scott hearing Peter’s story would have been a huge step towards common ground – even if that story wasn’t exactly the truth. Perhaps Scott will be present when Stiles asks Derek about Paige.

– We learned more about the Deaton family and their role as emissaries to the wolves. Ms. Morrell is emissary to the super Alphas and her brother used to be emissary to the Hale family and other wolves pre-Alpha pack. I think it’s pretty safe to assume Dr. Deaton is not the druid because it’s what Gerard would like Scott to believe.

– Given the history between all of these people, does anyone else find it a bit curious that they don’t really act like they know each other in the present?

– Are Gerard and Peter in cahoots? Why are they both lying?

– The actors in the flashback made the age difference between the regular actors and the characters they portray quite noticeable.

– Speaking of age, exactly how old are Peter, Cora and Derek?

– Any speculation on the connection between the tree, Paige and Ms. Blake? I don’t think it was a coincidence that Paige resembled a young Ms. Blake. I can’t wait to see how Lydia figures into all of this, as she clearly has a connection to the tree as well.

– I’ve always believed that Derek and Scott have and always will need each other, but it was very interesting to see just how much alike the two are – or at least were before Derek became understandably guarded after several traumatic life experiences.

– It’s a fitting punishment that Gerard is cancer free, but remains a medical mystery thanks to his non-stop oozing of black sludge. MOUNTAIN ASH!!!!!!!!!!

– So Duke can see when he’s in wolf mode? Interesting.

– Final, random question – is it just me or does young Peter Hale bear a striking resemblance to Alexis Bledel?

Separated at birth????

This was a great episode and I appreciate the foundation the writers are creating in the Teen Wolf canon. What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off below.

Until next Moon Day, Teen Wolf fans!