Switched at Birth Season 2 Review “Prudence, Avarice, Lust, Justice, Anger”

Switched at Birth Season 2 Episode 17 Prudence, Avarice, Lust, Justice, Anger (11)

Color me shocked and amazed – Bay and Ty have been happily together for another whole week! And it’s absolutely adorable! Switched at Birth hasn’t really been a happily ever after story for Bay, but now at least she’s got a supportive and mature boyfriend to guide her over the little bumps in life. We all know it probably can’t last forever (I still have the feeling that ‘Bemmett’ is the endgame couple as far as the writers are concerned), but I’m going to wallow in it while it lasts.

Daphne and Jace also seem happy, but their relationship takes a bit of a sinister turn when they egg each other on into corruption. As the intern and the coffee guy, they have very limited powers but, when Daphne discovers that that intern from last week is actually pregnant and has probably been pressured into having an abortion, she uses it to get what she wants. Blackmail is never a good idea, and it’s even worse when you’re using it to effect genuine laws under your father’s nose. Maybe this is Daphne’s year to fall down, as she’s certainly playing with fire.

Another member of the family who’s quickly imploding is Angelo, who takes Bay and Ty along to meet his daughter. Last we heard she’d been adopted, and this week we learn that she’s happy and settled with a very loving and devoted gay couple. Its here that Switched at Birth delivers another one of its brilliant two-sided arguments – Bay wants Abby to stay where she’s loved while Angelo finds it impossible to let go of a child whose future he had no say in. Both arguments are correct and come from knowing places, and even if Angelo goes to court he’ll probably be pulled up on walking out on Regina and Daphne.

Travis and Emmett finally have a substantial storyline this week when they accidentally discover Melody’s online dating profile. Instead of reacting like a spoilt child as is the norm for Emmett, he and Travis decide that they should help her out and set her up with a promising deaf single. The date is horrible, but it makes Melody realise how her jealousy and bitterness towards Emmett’s father might have influenced her son’s own attitude. At least someone’s taking responsibility for that kid. How will he react if his father gets the cochlear implant? Probably not well but, as Melody says, he’ll get over it eventually.

It was nice to see Simone again, especially since she reminded Toby of the passionate human being he used to be before marriage plans and responsibility made him into a robot. I’ve never been particularly on board with Nikki, and will be astonished if the couple actually make it to the altar, but my annoyance at her behaviour this week was diminished a little by her sad family business. How will the arrest of her father’s killer affect her and Toby’s relationship? I’m not sure it will, but the tragedy obviously inspired her to create music, and rediscovering that might help them to connect again.

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