Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 Review “Dance with the Devil”

Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 Episode 5 Dance with the Devil (2)

On the latest “Rizzoli & Isles,” we got some major revelations about Isles’ parents, both of whom we already knew had gotten up to some shady things over the years, but until now in the aptly-titled “Dance with the Devil”, we didn’t necessarily know just how shady they actually were. (Needless to say, major spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t seen the episode yet, you’re going want to hold off on reading this for now.)

We started out in 1993, with a mother and her baby being killed by a jauntily whistling man via a rigged house fire. Who were they? Were they even the actual target? Was Paddy Doyle involved somehow? The answers were startling and a bit unnerving in the grand scheme of things, given how everything went down.

At first, all signals pointed to one Calvin Ghetts, an arson detective with ties to Doyle who died recently under suspicious circumstances, but that proved to be wrong, after Rizzoli and Co. found a stash of evidence proving that Doyle was actually involved with said arsons, though Ghetts helped to cover it up.

A more surprising connection was discovered when it was revealed that the victims involved were none other than Rizzoli’s police chief Cavanaugh’s late wife and child. Needless to say Cavanaugh was not thrilled and went after Doyle not once but twice, nearly killing the guy on both occasions.

As if that weren’t bad enough, it also turned out that Isles’ mother, Hope, was Doyle’s alibi. Between founding her charity with his dirty money and vouching for him, it was time for her to put her money where her mouth was and testify against her ex, lest he get away with it yet again, which is thankfully what she opted to do.

So, some really good stuff here dramatically, with some especially strong work from Sasha Alexander, on a roll this season between last week’s “framed for murder”-storyline and the premiere episode with her making peace with her mother and sister. I imagine now that Isles’ plotlines are finally winding down somewhat that the focus will likely revert to Rizzoli soon, but Isles’ history was nothing if not fascinating and complex. That was a really effective and terse scene when she finally told her father exactly what she thought of him and how she wished Rizzoli had actually killed him. Ouch! Guess he won’t be getting any visits in jail from Maura.

Of course, the worst part was that Cavanaugh’s wife and kid weren’t even the targets- he was. They were just at the wrong place at the wrong time, plain and simple. The reasons for the crime were equally antagonizing- Doyle did it just to drive down the prices of his ongoing drug trade. That’s a really crappy motive for killing someone’s family, even if the family wasn’t the real target in the first place. (Not there is any good reason to kill someone in cold blood, mind you, but this was a particularly heartbreaking scenario, under the circumstances.)

Given the heavy subject matter, there wasn’t much in the way of funny lines as per usual, but we did get a nice moment at the end with Rizzoli giving Isles grief over “double-blind control groups” and the like, after which Isles mentioned she was going to look into “peer-reviewed studies on violence in men’s rooms,” which the former psych major in me thought was hilarious.

There were also some really nice moments between Isles and her mother, which I really appreciated. After all the lost time between the two, it’s good to see them bonding, least of all after all the drama between them last season. I also really like the casting of Sharon Lawrence in the role- you really do get the sense they could be mother and daughter. (And a mighty eye-pleasing duo they are, I might add.)

So, what did you think of “Rizzoli & Isles” this week? Did you like the resolution of the Doyle storyline? Or do you think we haven’t seen the last of him? Were you surprised he was the one that killed Cavanaugh’s family? Or that Hope helped cover it up? Let me know what you thought of the episode down below in the comments section!