Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Review “Crash & Burn, Girl!”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 7 Crash and Burn, Girl! (3)

On the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” as per usual, we got more questions than answers, though the ducks are starting to line up in a row at least. In “Crash and Burn, Girl!”– which I assume was named after the Robyn song of the same name, though it did not crop up on the soundtrack- we got yet another suspicious suspect in on things, courtesy of one Nigel Wright, an employee at the Flight Center involved with the mysterious plane that landed on the night of the fire. He’s also involved with what one presumes is the passenger (or at least one of them), the nefarious “Red Coat.”

However, is it really Cece, as he indicated to Caleb and Toby- or is that just what the real culprit wants them to think? From the clues in the scene in which Nigel addressed the girl in question- a pair of oversized sunglasses, some artsy-looking stuff, and her inclination towards Earl Grey tea, I would say it’s most likely Jenna. We already know she’s not above seducing a guy to maintain control over him- witness Garrett Reynolds, Noel Kahn and even Toby- so that fits. I do also seem to recall Spencer’s mom, Veronica, being a big Earl Grey fan, but that seems a bit unlikely to me.

After all, the indication was that Nigel was involved with whoever it was, and though one should never assume that a younger man might not go for an older woman (Lord knows, I have a thing for Ashley, aka Laura Leighton), it still seems a bit dubious to me. Besides, would he really call Veronica “babe”? That would seem a bit iffy if you were dating an older woman, but not completely out of the question, I suppose.

We also got Toby and Caleb teaming up to get some answers, which was an interesting dynamic. Caleb’s already a bit wary of Toby, sensing he’s holding things back- which, of course, he is- and I don’t buy for a minute he didn’t both check out that file about Toby’s mom and listen in on that conversation at the end, so I think he clearly suspects Toby is up to something.

I did find their junior league version of the cops’ bulletin board amusing, though. I won’t break that one down like I did the cops’ one, except to say that their theory that Cece might have been the one to kill Wilden might not be completely out of the question, though I think Nigel gave her name up way too easily for her to be the one who chartered the plane. I think whoever he was talking to likely fed him that name to give anyone who came looking, if you ask me.

Beyond that, there wasn’t much in the way of real clues. Most of the episode centered around Hanna’s mama drama, the fallout from Connor’s car bashing- which Mike got blamed for, though he insisted he didn’t do it- and Emily’s issues trying to rehab her shoulder. I will say that I thought Mike did actually do it, and that’s certainly what the episode implied, but now I wonder. He clearly did lie about being there around the time it happened, but it could well have been someone else upon further reflection. In short, that may have been just what they wanted you to think.

There was that bit where the girls went to Wilden’s old apartment, using a key Emily stole from her mother- an action that ultimately ended up getting her mom suspended- and found an empty box of what used to be steaks, along with a note that made a likely allusion to the fire from “A”. My only issue with that was that, if the cops had gone over that place with a fine-toothed comb, how would they have missed that? Answer: they wouldn’t have.

Unless, of course, “A” actually put it there for the girls to find, but how in the world would “A” know that the girls would break in there? Or that the cops wouldn’t find it first? After all, cops regularly recheck sites for evidence when a crime has been committed, especially against one of their own. So, that seemed a bit dubious to me.

Oh, and we did discover Hanna’s ability to forge her mother’s signature, which might be a clue as well. That’s a skill that would certainly come in handy if you’re up to no good. From the looks of next week’s preview, Hanna is about to do some things that are even sketchier, so we’ll see if that has anything to do with it. I don’t see her being “A” though.

There was also that business with “A” crashing a car into Emily’s house, aiming right at her mother. I thought that was a nice tag on the crime when “A” bought a gift certificate for $50, a book called “Home Repair for Dummies” and a roll of duct tape to send to Emily. Ever the snarky one, that “A”.

That was about it, really. This was obviously a bit of a transitional episode, but I suppose it was a necessary one as well. While they really need to propel the plot forward before too long, and it’s probably a bit late in the game to be introducing even more characters- we’ve already gotten the mask maker and Ms. Grunwald this season as it is- I can at least say that Nigel is a pawn in the game at best, so I don’t think we’re meant to suspect him of anything major beyond covering up the tracks of whoever it is he’s dating there, and possibly helping to start the fire.

What did you think of “Pretty Little Liars” this week? Do you like the darker tone of the show this season? Are you getting frustrated by the lack of clear answers? Or is the journey more important than the destination, as it were? Let me know below in the comments section!