King & Maxwell Season 1 Review “Family Business”

King & Maxwell Episode 7 Family Business (1)

It seems as though the writers of King & Maxwell were listening to me these past few weeks as, just when I was pointing out how little we knew about Michelle’s backstory, they introduce a brother to fill us in. A brother played by Christian Kane, no less, making the episode instantly more attractive to me (I’m an Angel fan). ‘Family Business’ is also a much more Maxwell-centric installment after two heavy King episodes, and it made a nice change of pace.

JT and Michelle meet up when she receives a phone call informing her of his arrest. When she goes to bail him out, he reveals that he’s actually in town as a private investigator and, despite not technically being licensed, has a case she and Sean can help solve. He’s been hired to scare away an undesirable boyfriend and the team deduces that he’s actually a conman when they find a bag full of fake and forged IDs. It turns out he’s in witness protection however, and the team are rehired by the girlfriend to bring him home.

All of this is an excuse to bring Michelle’s daddy issues to the surface, as it’s revealed that she hasn’t spoken to her father in over two years. The two were close until she grew up and started dating, and now it’s her brother who has the better relationship. I really enjoyed having JT around – so much so that when someone suggests changing the name to ‘King & Maxwell & Maxwell,’ I thought it sounded like a pretty swell idea.

Christian Kane has an easygoing presence that fits right into a show like this and his chemistry with Rebecca Romijn was great. This makes his exit at the end of the episode even more disappointing, so let’s hope that this episode was just to test out the character for future use. If we get a second season and the actor is available, then maybe we can add one more to the agency.

Elsewhere, Benny and Edgar has a nice bonding session when left alone at the office. I’ve made no secret of my love for Benny and longing for more of her, so this friendship can only signal good things to come. Show’s like this tend to only be as good as their supporting cast and, with Edgar and Benny already established, King & Maxwell is over half-way there.

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