Black Sails (Starz) Interviews: Jessica Parker Kennedy, Zach McGowan & Mark Ryan [Comic-Con 2013]

black sails comic-con 2013 interviews

The giant pirate ship sitting behind the convention center can only mean one thing: Black Sails has arrived at Comic-Con.

The new Starz drama set to premiere in 2014 screened its pilot episode for fans on Thursday night. The pilot received a raucous reaction and really stoked a lot of excitement for the new Starz drama. We were fortunate enough to an opportunity to talk with series stars Jessica Parker Kennedy, Zach McGowan, and Mark Ryan as well series creators Jon Steinberg and Robert Levine.

As part of the pirate takeover of Comic-Con, TV Equals got a chance to talk to them. The topics discussed included the show’s realistic depiction of pirate life, the challenge of creating the world, the inspiration and genesis for a lot of the ideas, and some things to expect when the show premieres in 2014.

Enjoy the video interviews below.