True Blood Season 6 “Don’t You Feel Me?” Review

Oh, True Blood. What are you doing!?!?!

This week’s episode of True Blood picked up with Daddy Stackhouse, via Lafayette, giving Sookie a baptism from which she would never return. Fans of Boardwalk Empire may have been reminded of the deadly baptism that Agent Van Alden gave Agent Sebso in season 1 of the series.

Although he previously declared her dead to him, Billith sensed that his former friend/lover was in trouble and allowed Barlow* to take advantage of his ability to walk in the daylight and save Sookie from her dad.

Sookie repaid Barlow’s bravery by offering to save him from being summoned by Billith. Quick question – since when did it cause vampires pain to be summoned? Initially, I thought it was only a Billith thing, but Willa appeared to experience discomfort when being summoned by Eric later in the episode.

Sookie and Barlow escaped to fae land, where everything looks soft and warm and has a bit of a glow to it. It’s like the outdoor equivalent to the fantastic lighting used on the Oprah show that made everyone look flawless. Although the fae escape appears to enjoy eternal daylight, Barlow was still sensitive to the night approaching in the “real” world. Despite not knowing much about Barlow, as well as not being sure about his intentions, Sookie finds herself drawn to him.

I’m going to enlist the services of a young Liz Lemon from 30 Rock to capture my feelings on the Sookie/Barlow bonding and boning.

Moving on . . .

Now That’s How You Deal With An Evil Governor . . . Take Notes, Folks At The Walking Dead

Unable to summon his/Lillith progeny, thanks to Sookie, Billith decided to take matters into his own hands after realizing that Jessica was gone and likely captured by the governor’s minions. I’m a little annoyed with Bill because you’d think he’d be keeping a closer eye on Jessica after seeing how upset she was at what happened with the Bellefleur girls. Do you think he’s even noticed that one of them is gone?

I suppose Billith has a lot on his mind now that he feels responsible for the salvation of all vampires. Lillith takes no responsibility for her contributions to the current state of vampire affairs and has basically told Bill that he’s on his own. Using the blood sample taken from Barlow, Bill went after the governor for answers regarding his daughter’s whereabouts.

Still reeling from Willa’s newly-acquired vampire status, the governor did not take Billith’s request too kindly. Billith made quick work of the governor’s security and cordially accepted the governor’s invitation to make him a martyr of “the cause.” Now that’s how you deal with a crazy governor. Take notes people over at The Walking Dead.

Unfortunately, I think the governor made a really good point about the new “head” that will emerge in his absence. That new head, of course, will very likely be Sarah Newlin. I’m annoyed that we’re revisiting this Fellowship of the Sun nonsense and the only thing that will make this infinitely frustrating storyline worth it will be watching Sarah die a horrible death by the season’s end.

Fellowship of the Sun 2.0

Speaking of the government’s plans, we learned tonight of the “master plan” for the complete annihilation of vampires – tainted True Blood. Unfortunately for Norah, she found herself an unwilling tester of the formula designed to kill vampires. The good news, however, is that Eric has discovered the plan and it looks like he, Pam, Willa, Tara and Nora will make it out of whatever government-sponsored hellhole in which they’ve been held against their will.

I’m not so sure that Jessica will escape. Her guilt seems to be getting the best of her and despite his best intentions, I’m not really confident in Jason’s ability to get her (and himself) out of this tight spot.

Speaking of guilt-ridden Bon Temps residents . . .

Arlene is a Single Mother . . . Again

Oh, Terry. I was really disappointed to see Terry meet the true (human) death last night, thanks to his former military comrade who is also doubling as the big bad Demon Wolf on Teen Wolf this season. Was anyone else at home wishing that Arlene had come up with that glamoring idea before Terry enlisted help with his plan to take his own life? Perhaps it would have been helpful to have the vampire ask Terry what he’d planned to do. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20.

Terry was always troubled and I guess I’m surprised that he made it this far. I’m frustrated that we watched him get a new lease on life with Arlene, only to have his past haunt him again thanks to Patrick. Damn you, Scott Foley! There are so many characters on True Blood – old and new – that I would have preferred to see leave the show before Terry. Arlene is now officially part of the unlucky in love crew on True Blood. I’m sure that Tara and Sam will make her feel welcome.

It wasn’t all bad news for the Bellefleur family, as Andy finally named his last remaining daughter. Shouldn’t she be aging again soon? And does the aging stop or is she on a fast track to old age and death? I’m so confused as to how this works.

Until next week, True Blood fans! What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off below!

*NOTE: Barlow = Warlow + Ben (Flynn). Similarly, Billith = Bill + Lillith.