Futurama Season 7 Panel [Comic Con 2013]

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Yet another attempt at a Futurama final Comic Con panel went off Saturday in Ballroom 20. Only David Cohen and Matt Groening are the “panelists”. The rest of the cast is in attendance, but they are listed as “guests” because apparently only 5 panelists were allowed. Katey Segal got a massive pop. A lot of Married with Children fans in the audience apparently. Or Sons of Anarchy. Or something else where she’s been awesome.

The creators and cast surprised the fans by doing a table read of the opening act of the series finale. It certainly seemed like everything you would expect from a Futurama episode, and the cast was good enough to deliver their lines with a large amount of gusto. Once the table read ended, fans were further treated when Matt Groening decided to show them the completed second act of the series finale. Unfortunately, they plan to save the third act for when the finale actually airs.

Finally, Matt Groening and another one of the executive producers participated in some sort of draw-off. The rules were unclear, but Groening was somehow found to have cheated. The crowd was definitely more delighted by the announcer commentary coming from the cast than anything our two drawers were doing.

Ultimately, this panel accomplished its aims. With the show likely finally going to end, the show took the opportunity to say goodbye to the fans, and give them something nice on the way out the door.