Family Guy Season 12 Panel [Comic Con 2013]

The people at Family Guy are known for their unapologetic, no-holds-barred humor. The attitude that comes across in their show was on full display Saturday afternoon for their Comic-Con panel.

The panel opens with a Seth MacFarlane video message for the fans. He’s off shooting a movie, but says he hasn’t forgotten about his shows Family Man and USA Guy. A solid kick off to the panel.

A clip aired featuring moments from the upcoming season. It featured Peter organizing his cutaways, the Griffins going to Italy, and the usual dose of absurd cutaways mixed with horrible jokes. Big news came immediately after when one of the executive producers announced they are going to kill off one of the Griffins and replace that Griffin with another character. That certainly seems to scream Brian’s death, but we’ll see what happens. The fans did not take this news very well, but the panel asked for their trust, which they’ve certainly earned over many years. In other casting news, Cleveland is returning to the show. All of his family will be coming with him to Spooner Street. The people on the panel started taking a lot of shots at Mike Henry about the failure of The Cleveland Show. This seemed to be the gateway into the panel taking shots at everyone including MacFarlane, people asking questions, the crowd in general, and, of course, each other.

The panel also teased this season’s upcoming episodes including a one off episode where their characters will inhabit various characters from Grimm fairy tales. Another episode that was teased was the crossover with The Simpsons which was announced last week. The Family Guy team has full control of the episode though they did send the script over to The Simpsons gang for notes. Groening, Brooks and company were very pleased with the script and offered very few notes. Between this episode and the clip reel for future episodes, it seems that Family Guy fans have plenty of reasons to be excited.