Dexter Season 8: The Brain Surgeon Is….?

It feels like we just got started, but we’re already one third the way through the eighth and final season of Dexter after last Sunday’s episode “Scar Tissue”. Why is it going by so fast?! With four episodes down and only eight to go until this show leaves our lives forever, I thought we could take a moment to look at this season’s main mystery a little deeper. We’ll look at the clues from this season, and also take a look back at seasons past of Dexter, as we try to determine one thing: Who the heck is the “Brain Surgeon”?!

We’ll try to go through this systematically, and I’ll do my best to provide evidence for each selection. I’ll be taking not only evidence from this season, but also taking a look back at previous seasons to see how Dexter usually works when it comes to “Big Bads” and secret identities of serial killers. We’ll start out with the one that seems to be just about everyone’s guess, so we can hopefully dismiss it and get on with the more likely options.


Dexter Episode 802

Dr. Vogel, played wonderfully by English thespian Charlotte Rampling, seems to be just about everybody’s guess at this point, and not completely without merit. I mean, she does seem a little bit too interested in psychopaths and serial killers, and it’s a possibility that her lifelong study of crazy people has driven here a little mad. Not only that, but after “Scar Tissue” revealed that Yates had scars on his head where brain surgery might have been performed while under Vogel’s care, it seems all the more likely that Vogel might have chosen to become “The Brain Surgeon” as her serial killer alter ego.

However, there are a couple pieces of evidence against this case. First of all, back in “Every Silver Lining”, we see her find a box on her doorstep containing a piece of brain. This was a rare scene for Dexter because there were no other main characters involved here, so this shows that the writers want us to see that she is finding this gift very naturally and is genuinely scared by it. Why would she be scared of a gift that she sent herself, when there’s nobody else present to see her pretend to be scared. Unless there’s some kind of bullcrap season six stuff going on here, where she actually has a split personality and is doing her killing against her own knowledge, I don’t think she’s the killer. Second, you also have to keep in mind that this has never happened on Dexter before, where a major guest star is revealed from the beginning of the season ends up becoming the Big Bad. All previous seasons have had the guest star introduced from the beginning as the Big Bad, or they’re introduced as a different character and never end up becoming the Big Bad. It’s because of these reasons that I would suggest that the Brain Surgeon is not Dr. Vogel.


Episode 803

My next suspect, simply because he’s the other big guest star of the season, is Deb’s new boss Jacob Elway. Played by Boondock Saints‘ Sean Patrick Flanery, Elway has been a bit of an enigma thus far. He really hasn’t done much other than slowly grow on Debra and possibly become {Sigh} yet another doomed love interest for Deb. There’s really no evidence to support that he would be moonlighting as a serial killer, but he is a guest star and he is romantically entangling himself with Deb, which history on this show has told us that you’re either a serial killer or you’re about to be killed by one. Little piece of advice, Jakey. Stay away from Deb, all right? Oh, and my whole “Guest stars on Dexter have never been introduced from the beginning as a regular guy then become serial killers” argument for Dr. Vogel also applies to this guy. No, I feel like the most likely culprit of these heinous crimes would be somebody that falls into one of the next two categories.


question mark

The handsome and unassuming doctor Rudy Cooper was not introduced in season one of Dexter until episode 5, but then he ended up becoming a major character for that season and, obviously, eventually was revealed as the Ice Truck Killer and Dexter’s biological brother. That’s still a possibility this season, seeing as how we’re only four episodes in, so I would definitely be very wary of any recurring characters being introduced in the next few episodes. It’s very possible that they’ll end up being our Brain Surgeon! I would accuse Masuka’s daughter Niki, but she’s just so darned adorable! It’s most likely that this is the case, or that it’s…


question mark

Remember back in season three when “The Skinner” was on the loose, and nobody (Not even the viewer) had any idea who it was? Well, we actually met George King AKA “The Skinner” in the third episode of that season, but he was only on screen for about two minutes as a lowly palm tree trimmer. He didn’t appear on the show again until episode 8 when Dexter finally started catching up with him, and was eventually killed by Dexter on Dex and Rita’s wedding day. It’s been five years since the Dexter writers have used that trick, so it’s a possibility that anybody we’ve seen on screen, even for a split second, might come back to be revealed as the Brain Surgeon. Speaking of minor characters who have already been introduced, we’re going to close out the article with a joke suggestion.


Episode 803

Discretely and randomly added to the cast at the beginning of season seven, Detective Angie Miller has been a background character with very few lines for all of last season. She’s seen a small rise to prominence in the past few episodes, though, with more than a few lines in each installment. She’s probably just added to the cast to make up for the fact that Miami Metro is a major sausage fest after LaGuerta died and Debra quit, but maybe not. Maybe she’s just been watching. Waiting. Biding her time, and waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Or maybe she’s always had these repressed homicidal urges, but then she just recently caught wind that she’s being passed over for a promotion to Sergeant by Quinn. QUINN?!

Of all people they’re choosing to promote Quinn over Angie Miller?! Angie Miller, who we know to have scored higher than Quinn on the Sergeant’s exam! They’re giving it to the guy who just happens to be sleeping with the sister of the guy WHOSE JOB IT IS TO DETERMINE WHO GETS THE PROMOTION?! They’re giving it to the guy who drank and whored his way through Miami for the past two seasons, always showing up late and hungover to crime scenes! How unfair is THAT? This seems like an obvious stressor for Angie to snap and start taking people’s brains.

You know what, the more I talk about this the less I feel like this suggestion is a joke. I’m sticking with this! You heard it here first, folks. Angie Miller=The Brain Surgeon!

If you (somehow) don’t agree with me, please feel free to go to the comment section and let me know who YOU think the culprit is. If you end up guessing correctly, you will be generously rewarded with my respect and admiration, and with the smug knowledge that you figured it out before anybody else. Good for you!