‘Defiance’ Season 2 Panel [Comic-Con 2013]

Defiance - Season 1

On Friday morning of Comic-Con 2013, the cast of the new Syfy series Defiance, including Grant Bowler, Julie Benz, Stephanie Leonidas, Tony Curran, Jaime Murray and Jesse Rath, as well as the show’s executive producer Kevin Murphy and Rob Hill from Trion World (the folks behind ‘Defiance’ the game) took the stage to enthrall the audience with scoop on what to expect from the much-buzzed-about show when it returns next June (yes, next June!) for its second season.

A few of those scoops for the anticipated return included the reveals that Datak Tarr (Curran) is no longer mayor and Amanda Rosewater (Benz) will be in a new line of work [which was made apparent in the season one finale, of course]. In fact, Murphy shared that there will be a “radical reboot” at the beginning of season two mainly because of the situations that transpired in the season finale. He further shared that we are taking “the chess board, flipping it up and knocking it all over”. Fans can also expect to see Irisa (Leonidas) “front and center” in the first two episodes of the new season and Stahma (Murray) will have a career change because of her husband Datak’s actions in the finale and son Alak (Rath) will have to step up to fill in the gap.

As the panel progressed, it became obvious that the cast has a great working relationship, especially with Grant and Tony, who exchanged hilarious barbs back and forth as well as Julie and Jaime being jovial throughout as well. And one particular moment where that was on clear display was when Julie and Jaime talked about what Stahma may or may not have done with Kenya (series regular Mia Kirshner), the sister to Julie’s character. Neither lady would admit what really happened to Kenya but they jokingly argued who loved Kenya more with Jaime sharing that “no one loves Kenya as much as (Stahma) did and then she continued on by saying, “just because you killed someone doesn’t mean that you don’t love them”.

Jesse was then asked if he thinks Alak is ready to be a father to which he unequivocally said “No!” and given the major father and mother issues that Alak clearly has he joked that his character is not ready for the pitter patter of little feet just yet.

Another scoop for the second season which Kevin revealed was that there will be two new characters coming to the town of Defiance. They are Niles, who will be the town’s new mayor and Viceroy Mercado, who is from the Earth Republic. Kevin later shared yet another scoop that Sukar (recurring guest star Noah Danby), the Irathian father figure to Irisa, wasn’t supposed to appear too far into the first season, but he brought such charisma (as well as “working that top hat” so well) to the role that they decided to keep him on and he will be seen in season two.

The entire cast also shared that they have all received such great feedback from fans especially on Twitter with Jaime stating that there are some great ‘Defiance’ fan groups out there, including “The Women of Defiance” who she claimed are “so funny”. Jesse also shared that the online feedback he got on his character Alak throughout the first season was quite unique: “they liked him in the pilot and then (when the) hell bug episode aired (they thought) he was wussy but then they came around by the end of the season”.

Grant then talked about his character Nolan being resurrected in the season one finale thanks to the sacrifice made by adopted daughter Irisa as being “no big deal”; he was, of course, joking; but he was pretty serious about how much time he spends during his off-screen time playing ‘Defiance’ the game. Much like last year’s debut appearance by the cast, Grant made it abundantly clear that he is a true gamer at heart, sharing that he has an X3 and play station in his trailer on set and plays every chance he gets.

Then Stephanie not only talked about the lengthy make-up process to be transformed into Irisa (hint it takes hours!) – but the cast also talked about how long Trenna Keating, who plays Doc Yewll, spends in the make-up chair, which is quite extensive. Stephanie also mentioned that season two will find Irisa back from her fall into the mines (but just how that is possible wasn’t teased) and her storyline will find her being torn between her Irathian upbringing and the human culture for which she was raised by Nolan.

A few last teases that Kevin revealed were that we will see a time before the aliens came to Earth, there will be more confrontations between Stahma and Amanda and the audience will also learn a lot more about the cultures and history of the alien races and more back stories on all of the characters as well.

While season two of ‘Defiance’ is nearly a year away, fans can enjoy the game that will continue to have crossover appeal and wait in eager anticipation for season two to begin on Syfy in June 2014.