Crossing Lines Season 1 Review “Special Ops Part 2”

After a solid set-up in the last episode, this week’s Crossing Lines, “Special Ops Part 2,” failed to deliver a satisfying conclusion. While the kidnapping plot wrapped up well, new information about Dimitrov, aka the Russian, was scarce, making much of the last episode’s discussion of the character feel unnecessary.

I’ve said before that I appreciate the show’s attempts to build a larger mythology, but so far, it’s failed to offer anything truly compelling. Dimitrov remains an interesting concept, but we learned nothing new here. The fact that he’s a major criminal was obvious before seeing his assassins take out the kidnappers. Also, Katya killing herself rather than crossing him would’ve held more weight if we hadn’t already seen someone do that in the second episode.

Honestly, it might’ve been fine if there hadn’t been time devoted to Dorn in Russia throughout these episodes. Last episode, we saw he was there. In this episode, he left without complication. It’s not exactly thrilling stuff, and without any idea of what he learned about Dimitrov, it’s equally as pointless.

That said, this episode had its strong points. For one, Eva spent time actually out in the field doing detective work, which gave her a chance to take the spotlight. There were some goofy moments, like the overly dramatic musical sting that hit when she first met Katya. Still, these were counterbalanced by a solid fight scene and, earlier complaints aside, an effectively sudden death.

The ransom drop-off was also a decent idea, though not entirely perfect. Suffocating Maxim unless the bagman got away wasn’t a bad move, but why they felt the need to broadcast a video link of him, masked signal or not, was beyond me. In fact, the kidnappers were a bit too invested in using Skype, something that ultimately would’ve proven their downfall had they not been assassinated. In fact, it was good to know this wasn’t an entirely professional job, given all of the problems with their plan.

Overall, this was a decent episode, but it failed to offer the steps forward in quality the show has been taking since it began. Hopefully, things can get back on track next week with a classic procedural plot, the bank heist.

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