Copper Season 2 Review “A Morning Song”

Copper Season 2 Episode 5 A Morning Song (5)

In this week’s Copper, they stopped hitting the snooze button and brought the action. In a dramatic move, the dastardly counterfeiter seized control of Five Points’ police station in an attempt to locate his confiscated plates. What rolled out was a good old fashioned hostage/shoot-out with a surprising twist at the end.

The Druids storm the precinct looking for the counterfeiting plates and their ring-leader, Keating, takes a shocking approach to negotiation. In some pretty graphic scenes, Keating shoots a couple hostages (cops and bystanders) and slits a man’s throat. I mentioned last week that the actor portraying Keating (Lee Tergesen) is not one of my favorites. He tends to be a bit too heavy handed and over-the-top. He did a better job this week, though. The only thing that gave me pause about his character was whether it was realistic that the artistic creator of the plates would be the thug, as opposed to the gangsters running the counterfeiting operation.

The tension of the stand-off was maintained by the introduction of Annie and Matthew into the situation. Annie was stuck in the station and spent most of the time cowering in fear beneath a desk. Matthew was brought in to provide medical attention for the chief of police, who took a bullet to the gut. Bringing in these two characters was a good way to keep Corcoran vested in the outcome – more so than he would have been if it was just work colleagues in peril. It was interesting that despite their recent troubles, Corcoran was desperate to save Annie. I thought that after their recent confrontation, he may have reached his limit with her, but appears that is not the case. I also appreciate the way that they keep Matthew involved in the storyline and would like to see even more done with his character. There is a lot that we still don’t know about him.

If Annie is going to stick around, there needs to be a resolution with her character. I doubt that a girl as damaged as her can make a change, so I don’t see her going down the straight and narrow path. But, Corcoran can’t continue with his delusional vision of her as his faux daughter. I want to see him recognize Annie for what she is and either accept her or ship her off. If I’m completely honest, I’d rather he sent her away.

Without a doubt, the biggest moment of the episode came at the end when Corcoran learned that Maguire was actually working for the Druids at the behest of Donovan. Supposedly, Maguire was charged with infiltrating the gang with the purpose of disrupting the counterfeiting operation. Corcoran is understandably not happy to learn that he was kept out of the loop on this. His main question, though, is whether Maguire is the one who killed Finbar. Maguire denies culpability, which we know to be a lie. Given their past, there is no way that Corcoran can believe Maguire. He’s going to have to deal with his suspicions, though, since Maguire has been welcomed back to the force as a detective. It was a good decision to bring Maguire back into the fold so that Corcoran can have more consistent dealings with him. I’m wondering, though, if this is also setting up a scenario where Maguire gets together with Ellen again. Even though Corcoran has cast her off, I doubt he’d be too happy about a reconciliation between the lovers.

I have to say that I didn’t see Maguire’s reintegration with the good guys coming. He’s still not trustworthy, but there’s an even bigger question hanging in the air. Is Donovan trustworthy? All outward signs suggest that he’s trying to protect the city. Yet, something doesn’t feel right. I have a feeling we won’t know his true intentions until the end of the season.

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