Continuum Season 2 Review “Second Guess”


This week’s Continuum, ‘Second Guess’ welcomed back season one evil mastermind Kagame, and the episode sure didn’t waste the opportunity of having actor Tony Amendola in the vicinity. Lucas’ madness has gotten worse and now the visions of dead Liber8 members are giving him orders. A mad terrorist is doubly dangerous and, after a cyber attack is unleashed on Vancouver, Keira and co. must figure out from which villainous organization the threat stems.

The first to get the finger pointed is obviously Julian, who denies any involvement but decides to pin it on Alec anyway. Over at the lab, Kellogg is growing increasingly concerned with where his investment is heading, as well as facing off with Escher and switching allegiances long enough to ask Sonya for help. Kellogg was actually in this episode longer than he has been all season, and I have to say it was lovely to have him back. Chaos has ensued and everyone with ties to Liber8 (which, by my count, is everyone) is being questioned.

That includes Jim, who wins the mayoral election despite being the most corrupt figure on the show. His schmoozing with Sonya and Liber8 is exposed once Lucas’ plan is enacted, and the rest of the episode sees him in full damage-control mode. I don’t fancy his chances against a reunited Travis and Sonya, however, and he’ll probably rue the day when he thought he could double-cross them both. With more and more people being implicated and the different factions overlapping more than ever, the second season showdown (if one is coming) should be quite something.

But, like Keira, Emily and Kellogg, I’m starting to feel a little concerned about Alec. Everyone is doing everything they can to keep him from the dark side but, as Emily mentions, he’s responsible not just for how he used the technology he’s inventing, but also for how others choose to use it. One threat to humanity’s freedom may have taken a trip down the garbage disposal, but another has just been handed to him by Keira. That sideways look was very telling of her current opinion of her friend.

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Continuum currently airs on Showcase in Canada.

  • Conan776

    “[Jim will] probably rue the day when he thought he could double-cross them both”

    I thought he only really double crosses Travis, and actually told Sonya exactly where to find Travis (although he did lie and say “He thinks he’s meeting me.”). Of course, Sonya then lies to Travis, claiming Jim had double crossed her on the gamble that Travis would forgive her past actions and decide they can team up again. Everything went according to Sonya’s plan. Well, except that Travis has a small army with him to take out our super-cop heroine instead of just his standard one thug chatting-up-Jim entourage… but Travis is already a super soldier so Sonya couldn’t have gone there with the intention to try to kill him again regardless, I don’t think, even if Jim was expecting a firefight.

    But, I admit, I struggle to keep all the characters straight sometimes, so maybe I misunderstood those scenes, and I haven’t gone back and checked.

    • Makinus

      Conan> you misunderstood the scenes: Sonya tought she was meeting Julian – not Travis.

      I agree with the review: more Kellogg always make a better episode!