American Dad! Season 9 Panel [Comic Con 2013]

Seth MacFarlane’s middle child, American Dad!, made a stop at Comic-Con to discuss the upcoming season. Topics included guest stars, some episode teasers, and lots of irreverent commentary on everything from people in the audience to teaching Wendy Schall (Francine) all of the sex references on the show.

Episodes teased during the panel included an episode where Steve and Snot take a road trip after the death of Snot’s father. There’s also an episode where an accident gives Roger the ability to see the future, which is immediately taken advantage of by the entire family. Yet another episode revolves around Haley beginning to drink heavily after becoming a bartender to make money. Also, the cast and creators discussed an episode where Steve and Snot get into human cloning in yet another attempt to finally lose their virginity. As you might imagine, it doesn’t quite go as planned.

A nice clip reel was shown highlighting some of up the high points from the upcoming season. Needless to say, Francine makes dirty jokes, Roger has more characters, and Stan continues his quest for manhood. All of the clips showcased the typical American Dad! comedy sensibility.

After a typical, but shocking irreverent panel from the Family Guy team, this one seemed pretty tame by comparison. It was a decidedly low key affair, but American Dad! fans certainly came away pleased knowing the show is going to continue in the same direction it always has no matter where Seth MacFarlane happens to go to shoot his next movie.