True Blood Season 6 Panel [Comic Con 2013]

The first of a vampire doubleheader on Saturday in Ballroom 20, True Blood brought their particular brand of wackiness to the Comic-Con stage. Playing to a slightly less than full house, the panel drew the expected raucous crowd reaction even without the appearance of Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgård.

The preview trailer shown at the beginning of the panel featured your usual bouts of True Blood insanity sprinkled with some of the too-good-for-this Anna Camp. We opened up with new showrunner Bryan Buckner who said being promoted to the position of showrunner “was like being in a car crash”. The cast said he had always been a strong voice on the show, so him as the showrunner didn’t really change a lot. Buckner spoke about the importance of returning True Blood to its roots and condensing the stories so that everyone is a part of the same story. Whether he intended them to be or not, his statements were basically a referendum on the Alan Ball regime. Fans were thrilled at the idea of the show returning to its roots.

As for the cast, a ton of talent was on hand to answer plenty of questions about their characters’ arcs for the rest of the season. Ryan Kwanten said Jason will continue to try to play the part of Rambo will trying to figure who killed his parents. He also teased some further interaction with Sarah down the line. Sam Trammell said Sam has clearly messed with the wrong people. He mentioned how weird it was to be thrust back into a relationship so quickly, but because so much happens in Bon Temps a single day can feel like a year. I don’t know if he meant to echo the thoughts of some of the show’s viewers. Deborah Ann Woll indicated Jessica is pretty bummed out about the fairy-killing and that Jessica would welcome death at this point. The Sookie and Warlow relationship was also discussed, but Anna Paquin conditioned potential ‘shippers by saying “Sookie is mistrustful of everyone at this point. Alcide and Pam both have big fights coming up with large werewolves and their maker, respectively. Kristin Bauer van Straten talked about how much fun it was to shoot the Pam/Eric fight scene. While she’ll be emotionally torn up about Eric, van Straten mentioned that Pam was growing quite fond of her own progeny, Tara. For her part, Rutina Wesley did mention that Tara is becoming much more comfortable as a vampire.

True Blood fans had a lot to be happy about at the end of this panel. They got to here from the vast majority of the main cast, and the new showrunner seems really interested in trying to restore to the show to its former glories before it went completely off the rails. Time will only tell if he can competently execute his words. Still, fans were really behind the sentiment. That’s a victory by itself.