The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Panel [Comic Con 2013]

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 22 The Walking Dead (2)

The second vampire-based panel of the day featured the incredibly pretty cast of the CW’s The Vampire Diaries. Much to the audience’s delight, both Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder were in attendance to discuss love triangles, doppelgangers, and why it’s important to remind someone it’s the sexiest show on television 15 times during a 45 minute panel.

With Elena finally deciding on Damon in the season finale, a lot of the talk on the panel centered on that choice and what it means for both Elena and Damon going forward. Showrunner Julia Plec said that she likes to see happy couples on television, so she plans to let Damon and Elena be happy for a while. However, everyone on the panel took the time to mention that you can’t go long in Mystic Falls without some sort of drama. Paul Wesley was not disappointed that Stefan lost out in the Elena sweepstakes. Instead, he’s rather excited to play Silas and seemed genuinely pleased when he said that he “enjoys being evil”. Plec promised the audience would get a lot of backstory on Silas this season. Apparently the audience will come to understand his motivations for behaving as he does. Even though Silas is set to be the Big Bad at the beginning of the season Plec teases he could be supplanted by an even Bigger Bad later in the season. This idea really seemed to disappoint Paul Wesley who just can’t seem to catch a break.

Elena and Caroline will be starting college this year. A pretty amusing moment occurred when the cast mused on why immortal beings would go to college. Nonetheless, both actresses assured the crowd that the girls would enjoy quite a bit of fun during the freshman year in college. While Elena has her relationship with Damon, Caroline will be quite active in the dating scene this season. Candice Accola did mention that Caroline is a little determined to get Tyler since Klaus is gone. The statement elicited disappointed sounds from the audience. The cast was quick to remind everyone Klaus was doing fine considering he now has his own TV show. Plec even teased the idea of potential crossover episodes between The Vampire Diaries and the new series, The Originals.

Before they left the stage Somerhalder gave a heartfelt thank you to all the fans for their support through the first four seasons. If the crowd in this panel is any occasion, it’s safe to say The Vampire Diaries can count on plenty of support in the seasons to come.