Once Upon a Time Season 3 Panel [Comic Con 2013]

Fairy tales are a part of our popular culture. We learned about them as kids, embraced the wonderful messages and tales of happy ever after. Some of the stories are ingrained with some great memories of childhood. Therefore, it’s no secret that a competent cast reimagining these stories for primetime dramatic viewing would be a commercial success. To celebrate the success of the Once Upon a Time franchise, the show trotted out creators Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz in addition to an impressive number of cast members.

Right away, Kitsis and Horowitz inform the audience the show will be split into two 11 episode runs this season. They said they’re doing this so fans will never have to wonder if it’s going to be on or not. Now, they know they’re getting 2 segments of 11 straight weeks of Once Upon a Time without a break. Also, the audience will be getting a lot of Neverland. They wouldn’t go into specifics on what exactly the audience would see in Neverland, but they did make the point of telling everyone that Neverland was the place where imagination originated so “anything can happen there”. Take from that what you will.

All of the actors present got an opportunity to discuss the evolution of their characters. Lana Parilla doesn’t think the Evil Queen is so bad, and her favorite kill is coming up in season 3. Ginnifer Goodwin mentioned that though Snow White is typically thought of as someone who is always positive, season two proved that isn’t always the case. She said Snow White now has to figure out who she is again after the events of last season. Colin O’Donoghue referenced The Princess Bride when discussing the inspiration for his version of hook. There’s also a chance Belle could be the next Mayor of Storybrooke and Rumpelstiltskin will continue to do Rumpelstiltskin things.

As for new characters for season three, Kitsis teased the mysterious appearance of Peter Pan, and the ever elusive Tinkerbell. What their motivations are will remain a mystery for a while. They mentioned they would love to bring back Jorge Garcia to play the Giant, but didn’t know if his schedule would make him available. Finally, a preview for the upcoming season featured a certain finned fairy tale creature with a lovely singing voice. Stay tuned.