‘Falling Skies’ Season 3 Panel [Comic-Con 2013]

Tom, Matt, Hal, Ben, Anne, Weaver - Falling Skies

The cast and creative team behind the TNT alien invasion series Falling Skies, once again, participated in the annual Comic Con, bringing along not only Wil Wheaton as the panel’s moderator but some great sneak peeks into what is to happen on the show in the remaining three episodes of its current, third season.

The panelist included cast members Noah Wylie, Moon Bloodgood, Will Patton, Connor Jessup, Drew Roy, Sarah Carter, Colin Cunningham and Doug Jones as well as current executive producers Remi Aubuchon and Greg Beeman.

To start the panel off, Wil asked Noah what is going on in the mind of Tom Mason as he and his three sons set out – much like what happened in the first season – just the Mason men – on the road to track down Anne and little Lexi. Noah shared that Tom has larger responsibilities now; he has gone from just the Mason men to joining the 23rd Mass and then to the President in Charleston.

Wil then shared that Tom can now be seen, at least somewhat, as the father of Charleston while Pope can be seen, in a certain way, as the father of the Berserkers. This comment, of course, elicited laughs from Colin and the cast; but Colin did thank the fans for supporting the show and becoming attached to his character as well as the rest of the cast too.

The conversation then turned over to whether Weaver and acting President Marina (recurring guest star Gloria Reuben) will start a relationship that was vaguely referenced in a recent episode. Obviously, Weaver’s daughter Jeanne (recurring guest star Laci J. Mailey) has brought Marina’s veiled flirting to her dad’s attention, but Wil wanted to know if Weaver was capable of a relationship given their current circumstances. Will Patton joked, “hell yeah he’s capable” but whether the right moment actually comes along for them is another thing.

The subject of little Lexi came up, of course, with no revelation on where she and Anne have disappeared to, but in a moment of joking around, Moon did share that Lexi is a “weird crazy hybrid” and it was a great experience being pregnant for the first time while her character was also pregnant. It should also be noted that Moon’s pregnancy didn’t determine Anne becoming pregnant but it did help spur the creative team.

Drew was then asked about playing evil Hal and how that situation affected him and Sarah’s character Maggie. Drew shared that it was “genuinely scary” and that he had actually learned at last year’s Comic Con that Hal would be taking Tom hostage. When asked if she could justify Maggie’s decision to protect Hal, Sarah shared that Maggie “believes in Hal” and because of her own struggles in the past, she knows how evil and temptation can get in the way.

New cast member Doug Jones, who plays the alien Volm nicknamed Cochise, was then asked about the make-up process, sharing that it takes hours to get him into character and that he loved episode 4 in which Cochise explained why he continues to fight the Espheni: the flower he only ever heard about growing up.

Young Maxim Knight, who plays Matt, the youngest of the Mason men, was brought up on the stage about mid-way through the panel to pose a question to Noah and the cast; and then it was brought up that Matt is getting warped by the ongoing war and moderator Wil wondered if he would eventually grow up to be like Pope. Connor answered that the show has an interesting, albeit disturbing, element of child soldiers versus the necessity of needing every able body hand to fight. “They have to make a choice or (at least) find a balance between the two and Matt embodies that”.

The time then came for the audience to ask questions with three of the best being the following:

• Drew was asked what he would want for Hal in the future? He answered that “a situation happens that questions the things Hal and Maggie know about each other which will cause not only guilt and embarrassment, but neither of them would elaborate.

• A fan wanted to know why the show doesn’t air more episodes like major network shows with Remi explaining that the writers wouldn’t say no to doing more episodes but it’s exhausting to do more than 10 episodes in a season.

• And, a fan asked about the seemingly father figure dynamic between Weaver and Pope with the men agreeing that the exploration of that was seen in the last episode.

To find out what happens next on the intense third season of ‘Falling Skies’ make sure to tune into TNT tonight, June 21, at 10/9c.