Arrow Season 2 Panel [Comic Con 2013]

Oliver Queen - Arrow

The final panel of the day in Ballroom 20 featured the gang from Arrow. Joining Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Mark Guggenheim on the panel were series stars David Ramsey, Katie Cassidy, Stephen Amell, Colton Haynes, Stephen Amell’s abs, and a massive pop for Felicity Smoak herself, Emily Bett Rickards.

The panel began with a preview reel for season two that they claimed was only from four days of shooting. If that is a true statement, then it appears the audience will be in for a wild ride in season two. Amell discussed how much of change the Comic Con scene was for them this year. Amell walked the floor last year without trouble, but had no intentions of doing that this year. He said he feels truly overwhelmed by the fan reaction.

Regarding the season, the first episode of the season is titled “City of Heroes” and Guggenheim says it will be the theme for the season. Apparently, we’re going to watch Oliver evolve from the vigilante into the hero Starling City truly needs. It will be five months after the events of the finale when the show returns, and everyone is in a slightly different place. Oliver has taken a big interest in Queen Consolidated. Moira Queen is in jail. Thea Queen is running the nightclub (because, of course), Felicity has made upgrades to the Arrow lair, and even Laurel has been changed emotionally by the death of Tommy in the season finale.

When asked about their characters, the cast was as candid as they could be. Amell said Oliver will be working to honor the memory of Tommy with his work as the hero of Starling City. Cassidy teased some more butt-kicking from Laurel. Ramsey said we’ll see Diggle continue to be the moral compass for Oliver as the begin to take a new approach to their superhero ways. Lots of talk from Rickards centered around her character’s explosion of popularity and all the potential relationships fans have thrown her into. There doesn’t seem to be a plan for one just yet. Colton Haynes (who also received lots of whoos from the crowd) teased a potentially difficult journey for Roy since he needs “to get knocked down a few pegs”. Also, there is the trouble of getting Oliver to trust Roy with Thea. Don’t look for that to happen anytime soon.

In addition to the regular season two castmembers, a surprise drop-in by John Barrowman delighted the crowd. Asked if he would come back to the show if he was asked, Barrowman said he would absolutely return. Barrowman even pitched the idea of having him appear in flashbacks because of the shows reliance on flashbacks.

What really stood out about the panel is just how much Stephen Amell is the center of this show. He’s the definite leader of the cast, and you can see everyone looks to him. The show will probably go to many exciting places in season two (including starting the Black Canary story), but it will continue to revolve around the performance of Amell. He’s the leader of this show, and everyone around him believes he can carry them for years to come.