Vikings Season 2 Panel [Comic Con 2013]

Plenty of panels have been bigger, but few panels have received such a rabid fan reaction as the one seen in the panel for The History Channel’s series, Vikings. The season one recap reel elicited many cheers from the adoring throng, and the energy really picked up as the full panel entered the room.

While there were a few questions about the shows freshman season, a lot of the discussion mainly centered around where the characters were headed for season two. Right away, series creator Michael Hirst promised raised stakes for a season two that is guaranteed to be bigger and better than season two. He also mentioned sacrifice will play a key role in season two. All characters will have to make really difficult choices that will have far reaching impact. Also new for season two, Hirst and the cast teased some new locations as well as the Viking ship making its first actual trip onto the Irish Sea. Overall, the show’s production is growing immensely. We will see more of everything the audience got in season one, including more war ships.

From a character standpoint, Travis Fimmel and Katheryn Winnick discussed the Ragnar’s infidelity and how big of an issue it becomes in the second season. Clive Standen discussed Rolo’s need to step out of his brother shadow and the damage that does to many of the characters in the show. And Jessalyn Gilsig discussed Siggy’s continuing decline, but also teased she would be “very busy” from a romantic standpoint.

The rabid fans were stoked to get a chance to see their favorite Viking warriors. Even the Executive Vice President of The History Channel noted how passionate the fans were. He claimed to have never seen this level of fan interaction with a television show. With panels like this one, it’s pretty hard to envision a fan base more dedicated to a series.