The Toyman Killer (Lifetime) Advance Review

On Saturday, July 20 2013, is the premiere of The Toyman Killer on Lifetime. Billed as a story surrounding a renowned psychologist evaluating a girl on death row for the possibility of multiple personality disorder with an unknown connection to a serial killer dubbed The Toyman Killer, the movie looked promising. Unfortunately, the movie was less thriller and killer and more of a confusing unanswered mess.

The Toyman Killer stars Sarah Carter (Falling Skies) as Dr. Kate Kovic, a psychologist that is known for testifying in murder trials. Apparently, she is the go to person to determine whether someone is sane or insane and, as such, she is called in to evaluate a girl on death row who is just 7 days away from lethal injection. One cop believes the girl is a stone cold killer, however the psychologist that originally evaluated her thinks she suffers from multiple personality disorder and is hiding something deeper. In the background, are flashes and glimpses of The Toyman Killer who I believe earned his name due to dolls left with the deceased bodies, although that is never really explained. My favorite part of the killer was the song that was always eerily sung. I am a sucker for creepy kids’ songs in horror movies.

The problem is that The Toyman Killer is not a horror movie. It tries to be at first, then it gets lost in the psychological aspect veering so far off for most of the movie, that the viewer tends to forget there even is a killer. Then in the end, everything wraps up but certainly not neatly. I was left with more questions at the end than I had at the beginning. Characters were never fully flushed out and, most importantly, neither was the killer. I felt The Toyman Killer was incorrectly titled as the movie was almost entirely not about him.

However, I am now a huge fan of Sarah Carter. I have not yet watched Falling Skies so I am not sure how different her character is in this movie. Immediately from the first scene, I believed her as a psychologist. She kept a calm and cool presentation throughout the entire movie. That is probably what drew me to her. I am a fan of the cold and collected women characters such as Alisha (The Good Wife) and Juliette (Lost). In fact, if Lifetime chose to make an entire show called Dr. Kovic or Kovic, MD, starring Ms. Carter, I would probably be the number one fan. Unfortunately, even her acting could not save The Toyman Killer. Not only is the plot full of holes and uncompelling, but it was quite easy to figure out what was going on with every “mystery” throughout. I was quite disappointed.

If you watch The Toyman Killer on Lifetime Saturday July 20th, come back and tell me what you thought. Was Sarah Carter as good as I claim? Was I wrong about this movie? Would you watch it again? I would love to hear your thoughts!

2 Responses

  1. rachel

    Who played her mentor?? Just started watching it who is the actor who asked her to review the case ?

    • cjcupid

      Yes, why is it a “secret”? I also want to know the the actor who played Dr. Kovic’s mentor.