‘Psych’ Season 8 Panel [Comic-Con 2013]


On Thursday afternoon at Comic Con 2013, attendees who were able to get inside Ballroom 20 – one of the largest panels rooms at the San Diego Convention Center – were treated to an uproarious appearance by the cast and creative team [as well as actor Cary Elwes (‘Princess Bride’), who served as moderator] of the long-running USA Network dramedy Psych.

The first order of business was the presentation of a very comical sizzle reel for the show’s upcoming season 8 before Cary Elwes took the stage to blow everyone away with one of the best introductions for the panelists, which included cast members Corbin Bernsen, Kirsten Nelson, Timothy Omundson, Maggie Lawson, James Roday and Dule Hill as well as series creator Steve Franks and executive producers Kelly Kulchak and Chris Henze.

Before the panel got underway, though, Cary started giving James a hard time about not being a part of the Twitter-verse, unlike all of his cast members; and much to the surprise of everyone in the room, James finally agreed to join in. Fans can now find him @JamesRoday. Not to be outdone Steve also finally joined the Twitter-verse with fans being able to find him @SteveFranks.

Next the cast was asked if ‘Psych’ were made into a movie but different actors would have to play their roles, who would each of them want to portray their characters. The answers that follow were, needless to say, very funny:

Dule – Deon Richmond
Maggie – Alicia Silverstone
James – Alan Alda
Tim – Hal Holbrook
Corbin – David Soul or Jack Nicholson
Kirsten – Angela Landsbury

When asked if there were any spoilers for season 8 that could be shared with the audience, Maggie said that there are “gonna be some twists and turns, but fans will be happy” and then Tim chimed in that “minds are going to be blown”. And then later during the panel, USA Network president Jeff Wachtel, announced from the audience microphone that is set up for the Q&A session, the winning title for the “fans-get-to-choose” episode for season 8. And, the winning episode was…drumroll… “Dream Therapy” which will official be called “Nightmare on State Street”.

Also during the panel, the subject of the musical episode was discussed because, as many attendees in the room knew, a special screening of that much-anticipated episode took place the previous night at the nearby Reading Cinema. Steve was asked why it took so long for this musical episode to finally happen with him sharing that he had been wanting to do one since the pilot episode was filmed but it was a matter of timing. And with that being said, Cary – of course – insisted that James and Dule give the audience a small sample of one of the songs. The men willingly compiled and took to the very front of the stage and put on a short song and dance that obviously received a roaring round of applause.

Soon enough, though, the panel shifted over to audience Q&A with the cast being asked the one item from the show that they would like to take with them and the following are their answers:

Kirsten – Her chief badge
Tim – Lassie’s Colt
Maggie – Her detective name plate
James – The frog in the Psych office with his eyes shooting out
Dule – The Blueberry
Steve – Corbin
Kelly – Her director’s chair that had a typo; rather than executive producer it read executed producer
Corbin – The moose head from the house
Chris – The set office

One of the audience Q&A’s came from a 9-year old little girl named Natalie who told the cast that she and her family watch the show together every week and have a “suck it” competition; and she asked James and Dule if they could do join in. What proceeded was a wild little sing-song competition of “suck it” by the two men that nearly brought down the house.

One other tidbit for season 8 that was shared near the end of the panel was that Kirsten had the opportunity to direct one of the upcoming episodes with all of the cast raving about what a fantastic job she did. None of them would reveal much of anything about the episode, but Kirsten did share that the episode “will blow your minds as it’s a love story to ‘Psych’.

With that being said, Cary pulled out about 12 new ‘Psych’ T-shirts and began throwing them out at random into the audience. Thankfully all attendees in the room were given a fulfillment ticket to pick up their own shirt at a later time in the nearby Marriott hotel so the frenzy created by the tossed t-shirts was, thankfully, a moot point.

An official start date for season 8 of ‘Psych’ has yet to be announced by the USA Network, but fans can anticipate it sometime later this year.