‘Game of Thrones’ Comic-Con 2013 In Memoriam Video

Valar Morghulis…at least on Game of Thrones.

The hit HBO series’ Comic-Con panel featured an In Memoriam video paying tribute to the many, many (many) characters that have lost their lives over the course of the past three seasons. While the video starts out playful with a Boyz II Men song and humorous captions like “Mean Stark Soldiers,” around the 1:30 mark the video suddenly becomes serious as it reminds us of some of the most painful losses like Ned, Lady Catelyn and Robb. Note that while the Red Wedding isn’t featured, this video could still trigger Red Wedding flashbacks, so viewer discretion is advised.

The video ends on a somber note reminding us once again that “The North Remembers” and season four is coming (in 2014).