Bob’s Burgers Season 4 Interviews: John Roberts, Kristen Schaal & More [Comic-Con 2013]

At Comic-Con 2013, fans of Bob’s Burgers got quite the show when the cast and creators went on stage for a Q&A. What happened during the panel was nothing compared to what happened behind the scenes when stars John Roberts and Kristen Schaal talked with the press about the show.

Hijinks of epic proportions ensued after a few simple questions and soon the two were off on tangents that cannot be explained and simply must be seen to be believed. Fair warning for inappropriate language and adult themes, but then again that’s nothing new if you watch the series.

The interviews with creator Loren Bouchard and executive producer Jim Dauterive, as well as other cast members weren’t nearly as lively, but still a lot of fun. They talked about what it was like to make the series and teased what fans can expect to see in the upcoming season, including what sounds like an extremely fun Thanksgiving episode.

Check out the videos below: