Banshee Season 2 Panel [Comic Con 2013]

Banshee (Cinemax) Meet the New Boss Episode 3

One of the later panels in the Ballroom 6A lineup, Banshee came to Comic Con to discuss what occurred in season one, tease some things for season two, and discuss the importance of getting to have sex with Anthony Starr on camera. Maybe the last one is taken out of context, but it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

After showing a season one reel recapping the show’s first season, the panel jumped into discussion about what it’s like to embody these roles. Starr discussed the multi-faceted nature of his character. He also took the time to tell everyone about the flexibility of the writers’ room on the floor. Ivana Milicevic seemed to love the dichotomy of her character. She liked going from mother to “a total bad ass” sometimes within the same episode. Lili Simmons talked about the duality of her character. Finally, Hoon Lee mentioned how challenging his role was for him. He told the adoring Banshees he gets to have a lot of fun in a lot of different directions.

Once the panel recapped season one, a trailer for the second season premiered that hinted at many more secrets to come. In fact, series creator Jonathan Tropper mentioned that many more secrets about Banshee would be revealed. He also mentioned the show will continue to pick at the identity of Lucas Hood. Showrunner Greg Yaitanes believes the audience is going to see a lot more specific and unique characters that fans should enjoy. Very little was revealed about season two, but the actors were all kind enough to give some general story arcing notes they’ve received.

The little show that could had a solid showing at Comic Con 2013. When the moderator was able to get out of his own way, the cast and crew were able to articulate season one surprises while balancing the vagueness required of actors in a show with unaired episodes. After a long day at the Con, it seemed like all of the Banshees went home happy.