Star-Crossed (CW) Panel [Comic-Con 2013]

Star-Crossed CW

One of the CW’s newest offerings for this coming season, is the romance drama Star-Crossed. The show fancies itself as an “epic romance” between a human girl and an alien boy. The alien boy returns to the girls life in high school when he and 6 others integrate a local high school. The panel featured a screening of the pilot along with a question and answer session featuring the stars and producers of the show.

The pilot itself received a lukewarm reception in the room (even drawing some laughter at some serious dramatic moments). However, the show seemed perfectly on brand for the CW audience. It features pretty people, a young cast, and some interesting romantic entanglements. That being said, it’s clear from the pilot that the show aims to be something more. Citing integration in the 1950s as their inspiration, the writers clearly aim to tackle social issues through their epic romance story. Whether is ultimately successful at doing it is another matter entirely. It’s just important to note the show has some legitimate aspirations. Still, the CW audience should fit in perfectly with Star-Crossed.

When the panel finally took to the stage, the bulk of the questions tended to focus on how the story will evolve. The panel teased a lot of different storylines and issues that will arise as the season progresses, but mentioned that mysteries that arise will get solved or be revealed fast. One shocking event at the end of the pilot does set the stage for some juicy storylines regarding relations between the two races. The show also teased a love triangle because a CW show wouldn’t be complete without one. Finally, the producers mentioned we will get a lot of back story into the alien race as we discover their “abilities”, learn more about the ship that brought them to earth, and we’ll even get some insight into life on their home planet.

The fans also had some questions regarding the science fiction aspects of the show. The producers promised equally stunning visual effects through the first season as they depict the aliens’ abilities and choreograph some fun fight scenes. In addition to the crazy special effects involved, the actors on the panel were asked about their feelings on the science fiction drama. Matt Lanter mentioned being a huge fan of science fiction, but Aimee Teegarden stole the answer by claiming science fiction was “her jam”.

The show really seems like a good fit on the CW. It’s got some bigger dramatic elements than the network is used to, but it has all the trappings of a typical CW show. Whether fans decide to watch it or not is another matter altogether.