Hannibal Season 2 Panel [Comic Con 2013]

Hannibal (NBC) Episode 3 Potage (1)

One of the many things Comic-Con teaches someone is patience. For shows that generate a lot of buzz, anyone who wants to see their panel can almost guarantee an extended stay in a long line. It’s truly a wonder that more people don’t snap and go crazy while waiting.

However, sometimes you patience is rewarded. Last night was one such case with the panel for NBC’s superlative drama, Hannibal. The ballroom was stuffed as full as it could get with some really lively fans of the series. Series creator Bryan Fuller, Executive Producer Martha De Laurentis, series star Hugh Dancy, and Director David Slade rounded out the exceptionally entertaining panel. If you liked cannibal puns and entertaining discussion, than this was the panel for you.

A season one clip reel was shown that featured a lot of the disturbing images from the season as well as an in depth look at the construction of the arc of the season. It was a brilliant reminder of the fantastic work done by everyone involved. After the reel, the entertaining discussion began with lots of discussion around the visual inspiration for the show, as well as Fuller’s connection to the story dating to back to watching Manhunter as a boy.

Dancy, who didn’t seem mentally disturbed, talked a lot about his role in the show, and his work with Mads Mikkelsen. He had great things to say about Mikkelsen and his approach to Hannibal Lecter not as a villain, but as a character. He said his most fun part of the show was discussing the Lecter/Graham relationship with Mikkelsen. Fuller intimated that we will see a lot feisty version of Will Graham in season two.

Discussing season two a little further, Fuller told the audience that shooting will commence in September. He told the crowd there is an arc crafted “and it’s a doozy”. He also mentioned that the season two premiere will serve as a new pilot for the show in many ways. With Will Graham in jail, a lot of the show’s dynamics have been reset. It sounds like season two is going to be quite exciting. A great panel for a truly great show. Grab the DVD in September if you haven’t jumped on board yet and give this spectacular show a try.