Graceland Season 1 “Hair of the Dog” Review

Graceland Episode 6 Hair of the Dog (5)
And so the Graceland plot thickens . . .

When we last saw Charlie, she had just taken drugs during the course of an undercover assignment. Huge no no. Briggs decided to stash Charlie in the home of a CI so that she could recoup and stay out of the sight of her fellow Graceland housemates. As a meeting with their superiors approached, Briggs suggested that Charlie take a wee bit more of some lovely heroin (for the Boardwalk Empire fans) to even her out and make her presentable. I suppose that hair of the dog helps with a hangover from alcohol, but it didn’t help with the after effects of Charlie’s heroin use.

Rather than making her acceptable for the meeting, Charlie ended up looking like someone on drugs. This did not go unnoticed by Johnny, who took a much different approach to helping Charlie. Luckily Briggs’ effort to instill loyalty among the Graceland housemates paid off and Johnny put his career on the line to cover for Charlie.

We learned a little more about Johnny in this week’s episode, beyond his loyalty to his colleagues. Turns out Johnny was almost a Navy Seal – until he got hit by a boat. Thanks to his Navy Seal training, Johnny is a skilled diver and pretty handy with explosives.

Johnny’s aquatic skills came in handy with Mike’s ongoing investigation of Bello. Mike decided to have Aquaman pose as an old buddy who can dive and go after Bello’s drugs. Mike hit an unexpected glitch in his plan when Bello decided that Johnny should be killed after he went through the trouble of disarming a torpedo and carrying Bello’s drugs to the surface.

Just as Mike had Bello convinced to let him “kill” Johnny – boom! The torpedo explodes and Johnny is no dead. Or is he?

Johnny’s underwater adventure was largely spent on two radios – one connected to the Bello bust and the other connected to Briggs. Thanks to a wiretap Briggs used on Mike, he and Johnny called an audible. Although relieved that Johnny was alive, Mike was not well-handled by being left out on the torpedo plan.

Briggs leaving Mike out of key details in the Bello bust and the drugs once again coming up short did nothing to quell the rookie’s suspicions about the veteran agent. Mike followed Briggs and a sketchy duffel bag around town until they ended up at a strange building. What Mike found was Briggs was at the front of an NA meeting confessing, “Hello, my name is Paul – and I’m a heroin addict.”

Wow. I still don’t know where I land with Briggs. How about you? Sound off on that and this week’s episode of Graceland below.