Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Panel [Comic Con 2013]

Within the luxurious ballroom 20 at the San Diego Convention Center, the Beasties (ardent fans of Beauty and the Beast) got a chance to hear from the stars and showrunners of the show they love so dearly. Jay Ryan and Kristen Kreuk were on hand to discuss the events of season one and tease a season two.

The crowd was excited from the very beginning as Fanhattan writer and the panel’s moderator Jenna Busch introduced a sizzle reel of first season highlights along with a gag reel featuring some humorous bloopers. When the questions started flying, the cast and showrunners were quick to shoutout the fans. They hyped their victory in the People’s Choice Awards as evidence they had the best fans in the world. Sherri Cooper even went so far as to say she believed that the win in the People’s Choice Award was a big reason why they got renewed for season two.

When discussing season one, both Cooper and fellow writer Jennifer Levin talked about the shows focus on the romance. They didn’t want to tease it, they wanted them together. The show wanted to spend a lot of time talking about what is what like to fall in love and not have the outside world understand. In addition, they discussed the importance of the strong female relationships they developed during the first season. They seem to take a lot of pride in what they believe to be one of the very few strong female friendships.

While season one seemed to be just fine for the Beasties, the panel discussed some of the big changes in place for season two. For one, the show will resume three months later with Vincent captured by a group that will alter or enhance him. Jay Ryan promised a further evolved beast and even called him a “supercharged” beast. There was also a promise to expand the mythology of the show while exploring the season-long theme of “Who am I”. Overall, everyone on the panel was really pleased with the direction the show had planned for season two.

The Beauty and the Beast panel was a very effective panel. It celebrated with its fans the successes of the first season and the promise of a second season. In addition, the panel was great about teasing out little morsels to whet the appetite of the Beasties. If you consider yourself a Beastie, then you should be very excited about season two.