‘Drop Dead Diva’ Season 5: Dealing with a New Boss and a New Guardian Angel

Drop Dead Diva-Brooke

On June 23, Drop Dead Diva returned from the dead (the show was cancelled by its home network, Lifetime, this past January and then surprisingly – albeit pleasingly – resurrected a few months later) with its season five premiere episode.

That premiere episode found Jane (series lead Brooke Elliott) racing to find her runaway fiancé Owen French (series regular Lex Medlin), who was rushed to the hospital after collapsing at their wedding [it also didn’t help that Owen caught Jane kissing co-worker Grayson (series regular Jackson Hurst) right before she walked down the aisle]. Later in that episode Jane also learned that, because she is such a difficult charge, her guardian angel Luke (former series regular Carter MacIntyre) was being called back to heaven and she was getting assigned a new angel in the form of carefree Paul (newcomer Justin Deeley).

Then in last week’s episode, Jane got an even bigger surprise when Owen was offered a managing partnership from Kim (series regular Kate Levering), who has taken over the law firm of Harrison and Parker now that on-again off-again boyfriend Jay Parker (former series regular Josh Stamberg) has not only left her alone (and pregnant to boot) but also left the firm. Needless to say, Jane had a massive wake-up call in that episode, learning that Owen would be her new boss.

It won’t help Jane a bit to have both Owen and Grayson alongside her at work every day. As was evidenced in last week’s episode, Jane poured her heart out to Owen in his new office and he basically shut her down. And, it would seem that Grayson isn’t giving up on Jane either given the beautiful set-up he arranged at Jane’s house in last week’s episode; only to have her ask him to leave. The question will be whether Grayson moves on or if he will keep pursuing her.

Moving over to new guardian angel Paul, series creator Josh Berman had this to share about him, “I always want a really good counterpoint for wherever Jane is in her personal growth, someone who can add conflict to (her) life, but also show us new colors on Jane. I thought it would be great to introduce a male angel that had the same energy of Deb” (the soul who knows resides inside the body of Jane Bingum).

[Source: TV Line]

But let’s hear from Justin Deeley about his character; he shared with The Hollywood Reporter this about Paul: “(He is) very childish, and it’s a lot of fun to play. Because he’s an angel, he’s coming back for a second go-around at this thing called life. He comes back in a new body with these new things he never had in the first go-around…he’s in this honeymoon phase. He’s a lot of fun to play”.

Deeley also shared this about how Paul and Jane’s relationship will grow as the season progresses, sharing “as the season progresses, Paul will start to get his footing a little more”, but for now, Paul “looks up to (Jane) a great deal…(but) he’s enjoying this new life and he (is) also trying to figure out where he fits in.

Make sure to tune in to Lifetime this Sunday, July 21 at 9/8c to find out what happens next on the fifth season of ‘Drop Dead Diva’.